Monday, September 21, 2015

Bruce Davis 2015 Parole Hearing Thoughts!

Just read the transcript (thanks to from Bruce Davis's 2015 parole hearing that happened not even a month ago on August 27th. Wow, what a read it was! It's funny how Bruce Davis reiterated a few things such as:
  • Gary Hinman was, in fact, killed over a ROBBERY (no drug deal or burn mentioned)
  • Danny DeCarlo was not mentioned as riding in the car to take the bums over to Gary's
  • When he came back from Europe, Helter Skelter planning was on everyone's mind, hence the idea not having been pulled out of Vincent Bugliosi's rectum.
  • According to Bruce Davis (again), Shorty Shea was killed in the morning, not evening as Barbara Hoyt keeps insisting. Why did Steven Grogan describe the crime as having happened the exact, same way as Bruce when he went before the parole board too? Why would they lie about the time of day he was killed? Could Barbara have heard someone else screaming? How does she know 100% it was Shorty? There is something else I have never been able to figured out about this screaming thing either. Okay, Ruby Pearl testified that the last time she saw Shorty was at night, when she was leaving Spahn ranch to go home. She also testified that Shorty was very scared and wanted to stay at her house, even though she told him she didn't have enough room. When she was driving off the property, she saw a group of guys surrounding Shorty. My question is this: If Shorty was so scared and didn't even want to stay there that night, why would he have taken them for a ride to the auto parts store in the morning? Would he have gotten in the car with Tex, Bruce & Clem if he was frightened enough to want to stay somewhere else the night before? That makes no sense. That is the ONLY reason I thought Barbara was telling the truth when I first read about what she testified to. Now, I just don't know. 

Brucie also mentioned a few things I had never heard before either, such as:

  • He actually witnessed Manson stabbing Shorty Shea (ah ha! So he did spill blood after all!)
  • He saw Bill Vance standing at the Shea crime scene, along with Tex & Grogan, all three holding BLOODY knives (I thought Bill Vance left with Goldilocks the day after Gary Hinman was killed?)
  • Watson stabbed him the first time, yet Grogan is labeled the actual "killer" of Shea (no sense makes sense)
  • Shorty was sitting up after he had been stabbed and had the strength to ask Manson why he was stabbing him (awful, just awful)
  • Bobby Beausoleil requested the gun from Bruce to use in the robbery of Gary Hinman. Bruce and/or Danny DeCarlo didn't lay it in his hands and instruct him how to use it, like Bobby loves to claim
  • Bruce has been diagnosed with emphysema, yet the parole board commissioner kept insisting he was healthy (the parole board commissioner was being a total smart-ass, btw)
  • Bruce claims that he keeps his chin up, even though he's had his hopes shot down by the governor three damn times (he probably returns to his cell and screams "mutherfuckinshitfuckasscuntdicksonofabitch" into a pillow
  • If released, Bruce will be able to collect social security checks from his ex-wife, much to the annoyance of the Los Angeles ADA that was there to oppose parole
  • Manson, most definitely blabbed constantly about Helter Skelter, but Bruce doesn't really know if Manson believed in it himself. He talked about it as if he had a God complex. (Note: Helter Skelter did NOT come out of Vincent Bugliosi's rectum)
  • Bruce thinks that Manson's motivation was total power & control. (I think it was total power & control AND an endless supply of uh... hair pie)

Might I add, the extremely odd "victim's impact statement" given by Debra Tate. Please note, a victim's impact statement, according to California parole hearing rules is supposed to only focus on how the crime (s) impacted the family members of the victims (not her). Her statement had a few "I's in it and I think one "Me." Note: Before a certain "merkin-breath" starts in on the personal attacks, please note that I very much would like to kick this person in the ovaries.... Continuing.... I am not trying to dis Debra Tate, ladies & gentlemen. This woman, I know has had her share of grief and I know she has been greatly impacted in a cruel, hard way from a terrible crime in which Manson, Watson, Atkins & Krenwinkel were all involved! Not so much Bruce Davis, though. Yes, he was part of "The Family" I know, but so was Barbara Hoyt and you see them sitting together during parole hearings. Crazy, huh? I know Debra was there as a victim's representative & all, but I still think it was weird. I am not sure if she wrote this statement or if she just said it in a spur of the moment situation. If it was spur of the moment, maybe she was nervous. One time I had to say a spur of the moment speech in front of a whole auditorium of people back where I used to work and I was so nervous, I accidentally said the word FART instead of START in my sentence. Maybe this was the same kinda situation. I still think her statement was weird, though. See what I mean:

Coming, sir. Hello. I feel very privileged to be here and be able to talk on behalf of the remaining family members involved in Mr. Davis' heinous crime. I know firsthand how devastating these acts of extreme ugliness in the fashion that our loved ones were taken from us has. It is a fashion which never goes away from your memory and all of this has been concurred by the Hinman family as well as Shorty Shea's divorced wife and child. It causes great pain, strife, fear that has caused me also to lose family members. It is an extreme stress. I personally don't see enough remorse in any of these people and I do look for it. I represent other families and when I see it, I give it. I just don't see it here, the fact that the family members feel that seven years to life but somehow these good Christian people feel entitled to take it to the minimum sentence, which is seven years, is quite offensive, to tell you the truth. It has a low end and a high end and the high end being life. We believe that these people need to pay with life. The American public believes that these people need to pay with their life. The American people believe that these folks need to stay in jail for the rest of their life and they are trusting that that is exactly what is going to happen. It's actually quite a chore to prove that any one or all of these people are not going to receive just that. So it is the collective of the remaining victims' families as well as the rest of the United States and many other countries in the world. And based on that fact, Commissioners, I would implore you to give Mr. Davis an appropriate amount of time equal to his heinous, ugly taking of two viable, useful members of society's life and did nothing and in that way planned and ultimately was a part of, although not in person but in spirit, of the loss of my sister. Thank you very much.