Saturday, May 25, 2013


The actual spot where Crowe's apartment building stood is now the parking lot for The Magic Castle.

The Magic Castle

This building sits to the rear and to the right of  The Magic Castle boardering the parking lot.

The ghost of Bernard Crowe...


UPDATE: Thanks, Trilby.

 Trilby, from the comments section:

What I'd most like to know is the documented date of the burn/shooting of Crowe. I've seen it both as the first week of July and the first week of August. Anybody?

Here's an article (a link to) that has a pic of what the Franklin Garden Apts. looked like during Tex's residence at Rosina's apt. It's my understanding their apt. was 2nd floor, left side, to the rear. Rosina had an off-on roommate (sp.?) who was a cast member of a production of "Hair". I'd better not name her, because she was extremely upset when I attempted to interview her awhile back. I was referred by a friend who "dated" her during that era, I'm fairly likeable and kind - yet her reaction was actually pretty hostile and proactively defensive. I found that interesting. Recently another name and e-mail address crossed my paws, another resident of the building in that era - hopefully she'll have some info. The trouble is, alot of the people I talk to remember specific details of the 60s about as well as I remember the 80s (the beginning and end, okay... The mid-80s not at all, really.).