Sunday, November 25, 2012

More Schreck

This is the 8-8-88 rally that Geraldo filmed.  It was staged to be a commemoration of the TLB murders.

Below is an article from "Painted Black" by Carl A. Raschke a book on Satanism. Raschke is defininately not pro Satinism, quite the contrary! There is quite a lot on Manson in his book. Schreck bores us to death. He is an idiot that capitolizes on the dark side. Hell, even Manson has "disowned" him.

Nikolas Schreck on Sally Jessy Raphael

Extremely interesting interview. In minute 13 TLB is brought into the conversation.

I cannot find the second part of the interview. If you find it, please email me.