Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Update: Scammed by Susanna Lo

from ripoffreport.com:

Susanna Lo sold walk-on roles in a movie called "Manson Girls". She sold them for 2,000 each in an Ebay auction in January of 2012. The financing for the film fell apart nearly two years ago and the movie is never going to be made but she refuses to refund the money. She is a shady person and a pathological liar.  Please do not get involved with her or invest money in her imaginary film projects. 

Susanna Lo, Slomotion Studios LLC (as opposed to "SLOMO" listed in this false claim), and anyone connected to Manson Girls the film, never sold walk-on roles for any of the projectss they are connected to. Jeff Kane, the creator of this false claim, has been blocked and flagged by Facebook, IMDB, Wikipedia and all members of the Slomotion Studios LLC team for breaking into our various websites and attempting to alter the facts on the sites, along with posting defamatory comments not acceptable by these sites. A libel suit is currently being filed against him.

Rebuttal to Rebuttal: 
That's not true.  I haven't been banned from any of those sites. I have a receipt from an ebay purchase that proves Susanna Lo charged me $1,995 for a walk on role in Manson Girls even though this film is never going to be made. She recently tried to raise money on Indiegogo for a film called Rabid.  She wanted 200,000 but only managed to raise 50 dollars. She not only scams people out of money but then she has the nerve to lie about them and threaten to sue them for defamation. How is it defamation if I can prove you scammed me out my money?  I welcome a lawsuit. You barely have enough money to feed and clothe yourself, how could you possibly afford a lawyer?

Oh, dear. This is getting messy, isn't it?

You can view a video of Susanna Lo surrounded by opulence and wealth while discussing her new project here. At this site you can also get a walk on role in "Rabid" for the deeply discounted price of $150. $2,000 will now buy you a producer credit. What a STEAL!