Friday, August 29, 2014

Calling all ATWA members!

Can ATWA (Air, Trees, Water, Animals) really make a difference in helping the environment like they claim they can? Well, if that is the case, it would be nice if members that live near the beautiful, majestic, ancient California redwood trees would go down, camp out near these said trees, and catch the people sacks of shit that are destroying these wonderful, living wonders of the world. It seems as if nothing is sacred to the populace anymore. Tooth-less, scab-faced, ugly meth heads have been "creepy crawling" under the cover of darkness, and "hacking" away at these wonderful trees, so they can sell the wood, get their "poor man's cocaine" to get high with while mooching off the government, producing children they'll abuse, and generally being as useful as a cockroach to society. Where is Sandy, Lynette, and the others? Hey, where is Grey Wolf & Star? Hell, those two could don their hooded cloaks, and jump out from behind a bush in the woods, and scare every, single living creature for miles! They wouldn't even need weapons. See what I mean:

If you want to read & watch a short clip about the rest of this sickening story, be my guest. It infuriates me that humans are so destructive & greedy, although nothing surprises me anymore. ATWA members, get out of your parents basement & off the computer for once, and take a break from spewing all that ridiculous "Manson is innocent" bullshit, so you can get busy really trying to make a difference. Get your hooded cloaks ready, and get out there to protect the very thing that makes up part of your acronym!!