Saturday, January 15, 2011

read something

The Miners

Crockett, Little Paul and Brooks.

Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers To Play Manson

I am not sure if this is still in the works.  I went to their facebook page which was completely useless and had no way to contact anyone.  The movie is called "Pretty Face".

The I googled it and found  The Peppers site, it confirms it but, the post is from March 2010.
Who knows?

Flea- nice body, ugly face.


I had this posted quite awhile back. I must have been in deletion mode and ditched it by mistake. Matt re-sent it to me so I will take that as a hint to re-post it. I added the cigarette pack though. Reminded me of Danny with his ever present smoke.

Thank you to anonymous for sending it to me way back when all I had was my newsletter going, pre-blog days. Mr. Danny DeCarlo in the flesh, and a donkey and his-well you know. Not sure of the date this was taken either.