Friday, April 10, 2020

Charles Manson: Portrait in Terror

Recently liberated., this only aired once on TV and has been a missing jewel ever since. The Kanarek interview is pure gold:

Deb here......

A few of you, in the comments, have asked when this video aired.

It was first shown February 13 1975 in Los Angeles at 11:30 PM on a program titled ABC's Wide World of Entertainment.  Wide World of Entertainment, later called ABC Late Night, was a series of programs hosted by various "stars" of the day and encompassed a variety of subjects.

Because it was aired late at night and not in "prime time" it was at the affiliates discretion as to what particular day it was aired.  Not all aired the program on the same day.

IMDb page on Wide World.  This particular show is not listed in the various episodes.