Friday, April 19, 2013

Charles Manson's 2nd Wife Leona


The pictures are from Leona's junior year of high school in Colorado.  The year is 1956 and the group picture is the pep club.

Charles Manson and Leona Musser were married in the Spring of 1959 in California.  They had one child, Charles Luther Manson.  I had originally thought that Charles Luther's middle name was probably after Charlie's Uncle Luther but in researching I found that Leona's grandfather was named Luther and both her father and brother had Luther as a middle name. 

Leona filed for divorce Jan. 6, 1964. The grounds for the divorce were conviction of a felony, by Manson, and extreme repeated acts of cruelty.  Manson was served the papers for divorce later in the Spring while imprisoned at McNeil Island, Washington.