Monday, March 6, 2023

Charges in Inyo County

Inyo County arrested and held a large number of the Manson Family members, including Charles Manson. They did what Los Angeles County could not do for one reason or another. But in the end Inyo County missed out on gaining any convictions and instead had to defer to Los Angeles County. Most of those arrested in the Barker Ranch raids had their charges dismissed "in the interest of justice" and/or insufficient evidence.

Manson, of course, was released to LA County to face murder charges. Grogan was released to LA County to face stolen vehicle charges plus he was wanted in Ventura County for escaping from Camarillo State Hospital. Kitty Lutesinger in addition to being a minor, was wanted for questioning in the Hinman murder. Both Dianne Lake and Hugh Rockie Todd were minors who were committed to the state hospital for evaluation and treatment.

The five people who were charged with the arson of the Michigan loader were Charles Manson, Ruthann Morehouse, Catherine Share, Dianne Lake and Christopher Jesus (John Phillip Haught). The only person to have the charges refiled after being dismissed in the interest of justice was Charles Manson. The arson charge was refiled February 6, 1970 as were two stolen vehicle charges. The other stolen vehicle charges were dismissed.

Bruce Davis and Christopher Jesus (Zero) were released from the Inyo County jail on October 27, 1969 which was fairly soon after their arrest. Nine days later "Zero" would be dead.

The spread sheet detailing the people, crimes and outcomes has Bill Vance with the name of Charles Montgomery, Tex's alias. This probably adds to the confusion of when Tex left the Family and returned to Texas.

The spread sheet was compiled by the Inyo County DA's office. It's a bit difficult to navigate but worth the trouble. Some parts of it were cut off during scanning. I was not the person who scanned it. It's probably best read by downloading it on a computer, I'm not sure if it's readable on a phone.