Friday, January 14, 2011

Aerial shot of the La Bianca home post murders. Notice Leno's speed boat still parked in the road.

Question about creepy crawling

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Stacey asked- The family always mentioned creepy crawling strangers homes.  Does anybody know if there are police reports filed from regular citizens who woke up in the morning to find all their stuff rearranged?

My answer- I read in one of Bill Nelson's books he interviewed Ruth Stivick, not sure if this is her real name.  Ruth was RoseMary's business partner and best friend.  Ruth told Nelson RoseMary told her a few days before the murders, her and Leno woke up one morning to find they had been creepy crawled.  All their belongings we're rearranged.

Thats the only similar thing I ever heard about creepy crawls.
And also, Alice LaBianca, Leno's first wife mentioned to Nelson that she was the one saddled with the task of cleaning up the mess post murders.  One morning after returning to the Labianca home, one of the bedroom doorknobs (from Frank Struthers Jr.'s room) was inside the refrigerator.  Also, some logs in front of the fireplace we're moved around to form a pattern.  Before Ruth had left the house the previous evening, the logs we're in order and the doorknob was in tact on the door.

Question about Barbara Hoyt

Anonymous asks- 
Bill Nelson did a telephone interview years ago with Barbara Hoyt.
Is it actually Barbara Hoyt in the interview, or someone pretending to be her?


 The pic from her interview late 90's early 2000's

Top photo-Barbara's nursing graduation photo from the 70's.  The other photo is from the last public interview she gave.

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Q & A Friday


I recieve alot of questions here.  I have decided to post questions people ask me that i don't have the answers to.  I'm sure one of you all may have the answers.  So let's make Fridays Q & A day.