Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Questionable Questions from B&B Enterprises Questionnaire!

Once again, ladies & gentlemen (and psychos) out there in blog land, I went ahead, and read the transcript of Bobby Beausoleil's 1985 parole hearing, which DebS was kind enough to post earlier, and came upon some questionable questions from a questionnaire that was given to interested parties of B&B Enterprise publications. Can it be safe to assume that these questions were not pulled out of anyone's (large) rear, and were directly found in a parole hearing transcript? You bet! Without further delay, I bring you "B&B Enterprises" questionable questions from a questionnaire:

Who is responsible for the most discipline in your family?
Earliest age?
Did you become sexually aroused as a child by being spanked?
Did you ever become sexually aroused as a child while watching someone else spanked?
Were you ever spanked unjustly?
Can you describe your feelings?
Do you have children your own age who are in charge of other children who you sometimes spank for disciplinary reasons?
When you think of spanking, do you envision yourself as a spanker or a spankee?
Do you participate in spanking with another adult?
Do you think of spanking as purely disciplinary or erotic?
A mixture?
What is your favorite position for administering a spanking?
As a spanker do you prefer bare hand, paddle, hair brush, or other?
What should be the position of underpants during a spanking?
What do you, what, do you prefer stories of boys or girls about being spanked?
Some spanking literature stresses playfulness.

NOTE: Well, heck, I guess there isn't a thing wrong with these types of questions. Any NORMAL magazine/publication would, and SHOULD always ask their readers if they get aroused by being spanked. Don't you think MAD magazine, or Glamour, or even National Geographic should ask those too? Of course! There isn't anything remotely creepy about those questions!