Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cash offer for tapes

Attention to ALL concerned:

The Texas Federal Judge, in the matter of Charles "Tex" Watson's deceased attorney's Law Firm "bankruptcy," has ruled that the LAPD may "take" physical control of certain property (assets) - without providing any form of compensation to the named creditors.

While some folks might think such a gesture to be in keeping with legal traditions, it is NOT, by governing law, proper for a judge to give away, lend, or in any way dispose of anything of value, which is considered an "asset" in a bankruptcy proceeding.

So you might ask: How are the subject 40 year old tape recordings considered an asset?

AND the answer is: Because I Robert Hendrickson d/b/a TOBANN INTERNATIONAL PICTURES do hereby offer the Texas Bankruptcy Court $1000 for the subject 8 hours of audio cassette recordings made by attorney "Boyd" of his client Charles Watson, relating to the Charles Manson Family and the Tate / LaBianca murders, et al.

Apparently, Mr. Watson has relenquished his right to attorney / client priviledge concerning the subject tapes, thus the only genuine issue remaining for the Bankruptcy Court to decide is whether my $1000 offer is considered satisfactory compensation to the creditor's, with regards to the related matter.

That is the applicable LAW, but for a judge to give-away another's valuable asset(s), without any compensation and or without legal justfication is simply "unlawful."

I can be reached via email:

Robert Hendrickson
Tobann International Pictures
The ExclusiveFilm Network

Happy Fathers Day

With Lots Of Love From Your Baby Mommas, Children and Grandson.
Your first wife Rosalie with your deceased son Charles Manson Jr. (Jay White)

Your loving and longing "son" Matthew Roberts and your "daughter" Rebecca Evans-Bonyadi

Your estranged son Valentine Michael Manson and Mother Mary

Last but not least your "hopeful grandson", son of Charles Manson Jr.
Jason Freeman

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Happy Father's Day to all of our members who are DADS.