Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cash offer for tapes

Attention to ALL concerned:

The Texas Federal Judge, in the matter of Charles "Tex" Watson's deceased attorney's Law Firm "bankruptcy," has ruled that the LAPD may "take" physical control of certain property (assets) - without providing any form of compensation to the named creditors.

While some folks might think such a gesture to be in keeping with legal traditions, it is NOT, by governing law, proper for a judge to give away, lend, or in any way dispose of anything of value, which is considered an "asset" in a bankruptcy proceeding.

So you might ask: How are the subject 40 year old tape recordings considered an asset?

AND the answer is: Because I Robert Hendrickson d/b/a TOBANN INTERNATIONAL PICTURES do hereby offer the Texas Bankruptcy Court $1000 for the subject 8 hours of audio cassette recordings made by attorney "Boyd" of his client Charles Watson, relating to the Charles Manson Family and the Tate / LaBianca murders, et al.

Apparently, Mr. Watson has relenquished his right to attorney / client priviledge concerning the subject tapes, thus the only genuine issue remaining for the Bankruptcy Court to decide is whether my $1000 offer is considered satisfactory compensation to the creditor's, with regards to the related matter.

That is the applicable LAW, but for a judge to give-away another's valuable asset(s), without any compensation and or without legal justfication is simply "unlawful."

I can be reached via email:

Robert Hendrickson
Tobann International Pictures
The ExclusiveFilm Network


eviliz said...

You go Robert!!!!! Best of luck on that.

Patty is Dead said...

Holy sheet

Crazy Beens said...

I would pitch in $5.

rfoster1 said...

I will offer $2000.00 for the tapes.

Mrstormsurge said...

Wait a sec. So if some killer makes a confession - possibly - on a tape the DA cannot obtain the tape without paying for whoever owns that tape for it? What if the seller demands $100,000,000 for it? Does the case go unsolved and possibly a murder unpunished because the state couldn't pay up? To me it's the same ppl if someone uses a knife in a murder then claims the police have no right to that property unless they pay his price for it. Sorry Robert, but if Tex confessed to any other murders on that tape then the victim's families deserve justice and the DA has every right to that tape.

toocrowdedinthishouse said...

I will offer $2001.00 for the tapes.

Bing said...

Hasn't he made enough money off this case yet?

Anonymous said...

hmmm lets see, a pick between RH making MORE money off these crimes or pick a slight chance that another crime may be solved.
To bad its up to the goverment, they rarely make the right choice.
for me its a no brainer, give it to law enforcement. RH can find another crime story to exploit for money

Matt said...


Nov 5 Zero does "suicide"?

A month later, Joel Pugh does "suicide" ?

Davis at both "suicide" scenes ?

What was taken from LaBianca house?

Why was Bruce in England ?

LAPD pissed at Scotland Yard for NOT investigating Pugh "suicide" but doesn't itself investigate Zero Suicide.

Maybe Tex doesn't shed light on NEW crime, but accidently sheds light on old unsolved crime.

There are as many questionable deaths AFTER the TLB murders as occured Aug. 8 & 9.


wengr said...

Odd strategy. One would think if you are seriously bidding on something that you would want to do it discreetly.

Schalke 07 said...

Screw RH. Go get a job man!

rfoster1 said...

Wengr said..."Odd strategy. One would think if you are seriously bidding on something that you would want to do it discreetly."

You're right, but this is a bit of an oddity as no one is certain that these tapes are for sale. Maybe RH assumes whoever has the tapes, perhaps someone who knows the possessor of the tapes, monitors this blog and decided to post an offer to purchase.

I'm just following his lead, showing my interest in purchasing the tapes. In this case, there's no need to be discreet.