Monday, July 23, 2018

Sharon Tate's Wedding Dress

A bit of a stir was created over our POST about the auctioning off of Sharon Tate's clothing due to take place this fall in Los Angeles.

A blog reader with a much better memory than ours sent a link to a 2011 post on another blog telling about a burglary that had occurred at Debra Tate's home.  Among the items stolen was Sharon's wedding dress and a mink coat, both are up for auction.

The entire post can be read Here

Additionally the reader with the great memory sent a link to Colonel Scott's blog who in typical Col fashion wrote about the burglary and posted a video interview Debra did with an LA Fox television station about the stolen items.  Unfortunately the link to the video is outdated but the Col's post predated the other link by a week.  The portion of the Fox article that the Col posted says that Debra was the executor of Sharon's estate, as the Col said this is not true. See the below documents.

As a bit of follow up on our previous blog post a reader asked "Wouldn't Roman have been the beneficiary of Sharon's estate, not Doris and Paul?"

David replied, Roman waived his rights to Sharon's estate.  Here are the documents related to Sharon's estate and the letter Roman wrote waiving his rights.  Link