Monday, April 14, 2014

Description of Manson's home at Corcoran

Have y'all ever wondered what Manson's home looks like? Home meaning cell block, that is. I found an interesting radio report from KALW in San Francisco (91.7 FM) on the PHU (Protective Housing Unit) area of Corcoran State Prison. The press having access to this area is usually off limits, until they let this reporter have (limited) access. Nancy Mullane, the author of Life After Murder: Five Men in Search of Redemption (see Austin Ann's Recommended Reading posting) takes the listener/reader deep inside this area of the prison. Her access, of course, was extremely controlled, and planned well in advance. The prison authorities even reviewed the photos she took to see which ones were acceptable to show. Charlie wasn't around for this particular story, but it still was interesting to hear the description of where he lives. When I heard this radio story, I was reminded of the recent Rolling Stone article that was written a while back which had a description of Manson's daily routine, which consists of waking up in the morning, leaving his cell to go to breakfast, grabbing a bag lunch, going back to his cell, napping, eating his bag lunch, napping again, then pacing back & forth a while, maybe playing a game of chess, going to dinner, then having to be back in his cell by 8:45 PM. Now, imagine doing that exact same thing every day for the rest of your miserable life. Ugh! By the way, the men in this unit have a bit more so-called privileges, and actually grow their own watermelons along the chain-link fence! Ha! You learn something new everyday, huh? Please click on the link: