Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sexy Sadie's Sick-Ass Art!

Susan Atkins might have passed away back in 2009, but "art" from the remnants of her diseased mind continue to fill murder auction websites. This is a woman who claimed to be a born-again Christian, and tried year after year to get out of prison on the basis that she was remorseful, sorry, and down right repentant for her sins! Ok, if that was the case, I sure would like to know what was going through her pickle-shaped head at the moment she made this:

I guess she had fond memories of leaving a bloody footprint at the Tate house the night her, and her pals decided to slaughter a bunch of innocent people, including a VERY-pregnant woman! Her footprints in blood must of been such an inspiration for this piece! This little work of art says this at the bottom:

"Anyone you know who would like to receive these monthly (something) from me, have them write to The Dove's Nest, P.O. Box 1326, San Juan Capistrano, Ca 92692-1326." I couldn't read what the description said after the word "monthly." 

Why, doesn't the widower Whitehouse (her husband) live in San Juan Capistrano, California? Were they profiting off of her notoriety? I just don't know!  I do know she used to send out monthly "Christian" newsletters from her cell, which she called "The Dove's Nest." In my opinion, this is one of the sickest things I have ever seen. No wonder she never was released. By the way, I saw this at Here is the link: