Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Happy Ending for Jeff K

Get your mind out of the gutter...not THAT kind of happy ending!

Friend of the Blog Jeff K wrote to Patty on January 2 to let her know that he got his money back from Auction Doctors. They are the company that ran Susanna Lo's ebay auctions for walk-on roles in the ill-fated Manson Girls movie. See here for the rest of the story.

Jeff wrote: "So Todd from Auction Doctors contacted me today and gave me back all my money through Paypal. Thank you, I feel like your blog post helped me out a lot with this. If you feel like posting an update about the case that would be great. Todd did the right thing. He was scammed out of $17,000 by Susanna Lo and will never get that money back. But at least he made things right with me. Happy New Year, Jeff"

Thank you Auction Doctors! You get the Patty seal of approval. :)