Monday, October 10, 2022

Corinne Broskett and Her VW


Corinne Broskett is listed on Deemer's list as living on Franklin St. in Los Angeles. She was a neighbor of Rosina Kroner. In addition to the usual information on Deemer's list, it shows that she had an LAPD booking number. There was a mystery as to what she had been charged with, not a huge mystery but a mystery nonetheless. The booking number is high enough to have been relatively recent, to the time of fall 1969.

Broskett was another Hollywood wannabe, she achieved a smattering of success, as least enough to pay her bills for a time. Broskett studied with Lee Strasberg for seven years. She was in the cast of the play "Hair" that toured Mexico. 

Broskett is mentioned in an online article about a haunted home at 1508 N. Beverly Glen as living there in the 70's. The home was supposedly haunted by the murdered lover of the wife of a wealthy landowner.

"In the early 1970s, Corinne Broskett, an actress and the current executive director of the Venue Actors Studio in Pinellas Park, Florida, believed the spirit of the murdered lover lived with her at her apartment in the former Old Roadhouse. He was a comforting presence, even stroking her hair when she was in emotional pain.

Corinne stated that she was never afraid of the spirit. She felt warm and comforted by its presence. She was convinced it was the lover because “it would act like the lover in every way.” Sometimes, the spirit would hide her keys when she was preparing to go out. Once, it actually followed her into her car. She persuaded it to return to the inn by telling it that the city had changed considerably and it might get lost or confused. Once, she heard the entity sobbing in agony on the front porch outside her window.

A friend of Corinne’s, Jill Place, stayed with Corinne in her apartment for several months. She also felt the presence of the lover in yellow. She said he would climb into bed with her and curl up and cuddle close."


Broskett's place in the Manson saga seems to be that one of the dune buggies confiscated by law enforcement during the Barker Ranch Raid was registered to her. When the VIN number on the car was run by the CHP it came back as being registered to Broskett but the license plates were from another vehicle. The police went to question her about her car, they noticed she was driving another similar VW and the license plates on it were the plates that should have been on the VW up at Barker Ranch. The VIN number of the VW that was in her possession was run through the system and it came back as a stolen car from Venice.

Manson was questioned about the car, now converted to a dune buggy, he said that it was Tex who "bought" the car and he didn't know where it came from.

Ah, it does sound like Tex and one of his little schemes to get in Charlie's good graces. I can't imagine that Broskett did not know she wasn't driving her own car but why not take the car stolen from Venice and chop it into a dune buggy? Apparently Broskett never reported her car as being stolen.