Sunday, December 14, 2014


We at received unconfirmed word this morning from a souce who claimed to have called Corcoran to confirm that Charles Manson and Star had married this weekend. The same source is this evening stating that the marriage DID NOT happen after all:  

"I would like dispel a rumor that was started this am after I personally spoke with prison officials. I just spoke with Star, they are not married, no date is set, the photo is from last week, and she begs that people please stop calling the prison, or sending crazy letters to cm in regards to this personal situation. I apologize for shit info from the folk at Corcoran, however this is from the horses mouth."

The photo that the source is referring to was published this morning in the Daily Mail:

"A 'superfan' of Charles Manson appears to have carried out her vow to marry the 80-year-old notorious mass murderer.
Afton Elaine Burton, who calls herself Star, was spotted outside her home on Saturday proudly flaunting a new ring on her wedding finger."