Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little Paul

A great photo Patty had never seen before: Paul, before his untimely death from cancer, in the early 90's. Claire Vaye Watkins, his oldest daughter, was only six at the time and is on his right. They were evidently enjoying a day at the hot springs in Tecopa, where Paul is said to have been the "unofficial mayor."

Claire now teaches English at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The code is finally cracked

The Grump's Book Review - Knocking out the Devil

Knocking out the Devil

The Jason Freeman Story

Some time ago I read a post about a book written by Charlie’s grandson, Jason Freeman.  Jason’s father was Jay White (born Charles Manson Jr).  He was the son of Charles Manson, and his wife Rosalie.

The book is available in paper, here or on Kindle at Amazon.

I must admit the only reason I bought it is I heard that there was a picture of Rosalie in it.

Of the 122 pages, the last 51 include match by match results of his MMA and Boxing Bouts, and religious testimony’s.

He had some drug problems in his younger years, and had virtually no contact with his father.  His parents were not married, Freeman was his mother's name. He loves his mother and stepfather greatly.  You will read about how his father dealt with the Manson saga.  Obviously not very well. After the suicide of his father, he wrote Manson a letter in jail.  He never responded. He claimed he just wanted to let Charlie know he is “Pulling the bloodline away from evil”.  He is married, and has five children, all living the Christian lifestyle and serving God.  So, Charlie is a great-grandfather!!

Overall, it is a good, well written, quick read.  The Christian parts are short and to the point.  He does not drag on like Tex and Sadie did.  If you are looking for any new info on Manson, you won’t find it here, but I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

By the way, Rosalie was a beautiful woman!

Rosalie and Jay White (Charles Manson, Jr.)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Amtrak Chatsworth

If you have ever ridden Amtrak between LA and Ventura counties, then you have passed through, east to west, tunnels 26, 27 and 28 near Chatsworth. Below is an image of the western end of tunnel 28:

The tunnel is just south of the famous peaks that serve as a backdrop for the Spahn Ranch in so many classic photos, about a mile in all from George's house on Santa Susanna Pass Road. Do you recognize them here?:

Here also is an aerial view courtesy of Mapquest. The train tracks are the sloping line at the bottom of the image, while George's House sat near the top by what is now the baseball diamond and its complex:

In 1990, 21 year old UCLA college student Ronald S. Baker was murdered by his roommates in one of the tunnels (thank you, TooCrowded, for the link). His story was highlighted on Nightline and you can view it here:

In September of 2008, you may remember that Amtrak derailed near Chatsworth because the engineer was busy texting on his cell phone and missed a red light. It was "the deadliest crash in 15 years," 25 souls in all perished. You can read all about it here.

In 2009, one of five people (a woman) walking in tunnel 27 died after being struck on the tracks. You can read about it here.

Are these occurrences normal: just another day in LA County? or is there some kind of oo-EE-oo going on here?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Q&A Tuesday

After all the talk on Stephanie Rowe possibly being a Jane Doe, I was forwarded this tidbit from a very reliable source. Believe us or not.

A~ "Tell Eviliz that Stephanie Rowe is alive. I recently located Stephanie but -she refused to talk to me. I even received a threatening call from her sister, also a lawyer."

Monday, March 26, 2012

Assessor's map of Patty's "Willett" Road

Farflung Writes:

I tried to do the unimaginable and simply check the Sonoma County assessors maps for any information about the road Patty had discovered.  Imagine doing something the easy way.  The mystery is a little thinner as it is a single parcel of some 230 acres where this road winds towards the Russian River and joins Neeley Road.  I would imagine this parcel was just a quiet and removed from the normal traffic of town in 1972 as it is today.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Guns

There were several weapons recovered from the Flora Street house in Stockton according to the police reports so generously donated by Farflung. Among them:

1. The murder weapon, a .38 six shot revolver Rohm RG, blue steel with brown plastic grips:

2. A .38 taurus-brasil, blue steel with wood grips:

3. A .32 special Harrington Richardson brand, chrome:

4. A sawed off 20 gauge shotgun Stevens brand, Model 940E, blue steel with wood grips:

5. A 12 gauge full choke sawed off Champion brand shotgun, Iver Johnson arm and cycle works with a drawing of the AB cloverleaf on its butt:

Armed to the teeth? Hell yeah.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Q&A on Friday

Farf's Willett documents reminded me of a question someone asked me.

Q~ Does anyone know where I might access transcripts of the trials?

The Parker Resort in Guerneville

When the Pattys were in Guerneville recently investigating the death of James Willett, they tried to determine which of the many local resorts it was in which the group had been living. Mystery solved: on the police report that FARFLUNG just provided, Priscilla Cooper states that some photos introduced into evidence were taken "at the Parker Resort."

Parker's Resort is family owned and operated, and has been for decades. They are dog friendly and offer camping and RVing (cabins like those pictured below are no longer rented to the public). They generally have good reviews on yelp.

The Pattys nearly stayed there, but ended up several miles away instead. The entrance on Neeley Road is barely marked as you can see. In fact, The Pattys almost missed it entirely.

Here also is a great view from Neeley road just a few hundred yards west of Parker's Resort of the thriving metropolis of downtown Guerneville, CA:

You can read reader Cece's firsthand account of life at Parker's with the Willetts here:

Links to Willett Articles

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Evil biotch

Lauren Willett holding her baby Heidi.

The Stockton Murders Police Reports

As beauders said in response to the Stockton timeline:

anyone interested in the willett murders should get ahold of the police report--it is very detailed and has drawings of the crawl space.

Courtesy of Farflung, see the below reports. They are separated by subject. Happy reading!

The Stockton Murders - trying to reconcile myth, lore and revisionism (Summary Report)

Thanks, Farflung!

The Stockton Murders - trying to reconcile myth, lore and revisionism (Flora St. House)

Thank you, Farflung

The Stockton Murders - trying to reconcile myth, lore and revisionism (Monfort/Craig Report)

Thank you, Farflung 

The Stockton Murders - trying to reconcile myth, lore and revisionism (Arrest Report)

Thank you, Farflung 

The Stockton Murders - trying to reconcile myth, lore and revisionism (Michael)

Thank you, Farflung

The Stockton Murders - trying to reconcile myth, lore and revisionism (Nancy)

Thank you, Farflung