Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Grump's Book Review - Knocking out the Devil

Knocking out the Devil

The Jason Freeman Story

Some time ago I read a post about a book written by Charlie’s grandson, Jason Freeman.  Jason’s father was Jay White (born Charles Manson Jr).  He was the son of Charles Manson, and his wife Rosalie.

The book is available in paper, here or on Kindle at Amazon.

I must admit the only reason I bought it is I heard that there was a picture of Rosalie in it.

Of the 122 pages, the last 51 include match by match results of his MMA and Boxing Bouts, and religious testimony’s.

He had some drug problems in his younger years, and had virtually no contact with his father.  His parents were not married, Freeman was his mother's name. He loves his mother and stepfather greatly.  You will read about how his father dealt with the Manson saga.  Obviously not very well. After the suicide of his father, he wrote Manson a letter in jail.  He never responded. He claimed he just wanted to let Charlie know he is “Pulling the bloodline away from evil”.  He is married, and has five children, all living the Christian lifestyle and serving God.  So, Charlie is a great-grandfather!!

Overall, it is a good, well written, quick read.  The Christian parts are short and to the point.  He does not drag on like Tex and Sadie did.  If you are looking for any new info on Manson, you won’t find it here, but I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

By the way, Rosalie was a beautiful woman!

Rosalie and Jay White (Charles Manson, Jr.)


starship said...

wow...very interesting. For only $2.99 I think I'll kindle it for sure.

Thanks for the info.

orwhut said...

Great find, Grump. I've wondered what Rosalie looked like for some time.

sunset77 said...

Very interesting, thanx for the upload.

Suze said...

I wonder if Matthew Roberts would be willing to compare DNA samples with Freeman? That would prove or disprove for sure.

Patty is Dead said...

Thank you Grump from Pahrump!

ALIKEN said...

Roberts did compare DNA & it WAS NOT a match. Roberts is now claiming Freeman is no kin to Manson. Roberts needs to give it up. Mac isn't his father!!!
Also, is Rosalie still alive?

Unknown said...

Perhaps we shouldn't judge and let time reveal the truth. The God of Abraham is always in control and we shouldn't fear if we are in Christ Jesus!

Unknown said...

For all we know, Roberts could be Manson's son and Freeman not his grandson. Or maybe Manson was shooting blanks and none of his supposed children are really his. Until Manson's untainted dna is tested and compared to whom ever thinks Manson's their father (or grandfather) we won't know.

Unknown said...

I knew Jay White a.k.a. Charles Manson Junior used to run around together when we were younger. He had to step brother named Jesse white also. His mother Rose he used to work with my mother at the time. Jay was a good man. He was just haunted by his past.