Monday, May 9, 2011

The HeAlter Skelter yearbook is complete; those were all the photos we acquired.  I hope everyone enjoyed them.
Special thanks to one of our members Sbuch for the idea, and to Shawn for doing all the research.  If anybody has any others we didn't publish please feel free to send them to us at or any other good stuff you might want to share.


Most likely to get goin' when the gettin is good.

1969 Stephanie Schram. 
She is in the top row, second one in.
other than her mug shot, this is the only pic i have ever seen of her.


Most likely to carve you up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Big Patty
attended University High School and
Westchester High.
not sure which one this is from.


Like Sandy, Sadie also could have a thousand captions.  I think these two someone provided are the best.

The girl most likely to take a dump in your hallway. 
The nasty bitch most likely to ooze V.D. from all her orifices.

Los Banos H.S.  2011.  The last high school in a succession that Sadie attended.
She never received her diploma in the free world.
Date unknown
thanks to Stacey for the school pic


  Catherine Share ~1961~ Hollywood High School.  Most likely to become THE most un successful Jew.

I never once thought Gypsy was pretty until I saw this picture.

I found this website below with a list of "Hollywood High Stars"
It is pretty interesting.  Along with movies stars and such, attendees include Stephen Kay, Nancy Pitman
and The Bug.


Most likely to keep his amphetamines in a baby food jar.

Charles Watson's prom picture.  Even though i have seen it a million times, I can't seem to locate Tex's actual year book pic.