Thursday, May 23, 2013

Houses on Cielo: Clarification...

I'll interrupt this tour for a moment for clarification on the Cielo houses. A friend of the blog emailed these to us just now with expert commentary.

Here are two photos of Cielo as it existed the day after the murders.

The house closest to the gate in these photos is now the remodeled, white three story house closest to the new (and old) gate--and you can also now see the difference to where the gate stood then and now.

The second house (furthest from the gate in these photos) is now the third furthest from the gate in your photos with a new house (the tan/orange one) added in between the original two houses. The fourth house, furthest from the gate is also new and David Oman's house - 10100 Cielo Drive.


On the Black Bus

Harold True House

This picture show the proximity of the LaBianca and True homes.  Looking up True's driveway the LaBianca home is seen, noted by the red arrow.  The blue arrow is the roof of the True home.  It was noted by nearly everyone on the tour how close together the homes are in Los Angeles.

LaBianca Driveway

The LaBianca gate

The corner where The LaBiancas stopped at a news stand on August 10.
Bank of America now occupies the spot.

Dracena Drive (former Tex/Laberge residence in the midst of a remodel).
I spoke with the contractor. He was concerned as to why we were photographing the place. He was just pleased we weren't a rival contractor or an insurance company, it seemed.

ColScott in his natural state - disagreement. LOL.