Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh Boy! Photoshop

By using Photoshop, we are able to create a panoramic view of the entire area called the Snake Pit and Topanga beach. This is a complete view of the area during the time that the family would have been frequenting it in late 68' or early 69'.  The points of interest are numbered and listed accordingly to the attached key. Both images are relevant  to the key. Typically, the points of interest in this area are posted individually. This makes it difficult to get a mental picture of what the area actually looked like and what was where. Now you can, thanks to Photoshop. If there is anything missing, let us know and we'll add it to the image appropriately. Hope you like it!

Books on E-Bay

 I was over at E-bay today and there is a book called "Surfin' With Satan."  Apparently it is about Dennis and Charlie.   It costs $153.23 marked down from $199.99.  At the bottom of the description it says Sold Out.  Soooooo  do they have it or not?  Either way $153.23 is insane for a book.  You can view a few of the pages as well.
I didn't see anything new or, any new pictures either.  On the front page it says it will be for sale for 11 days.  But if you click on it, it says sale ends in 6 hours.
Did someone say "sketchy ass rip off?"
Oh yeah, Little Paul's book is there too for $75.00.  
"Taming the Beast" for $ 7 dollars and eighty eight cents, cheap as hell. (i have no number eight key) and another "Taming" for $19.99.
"Manson In His Own Words" for $20.00.

Surfin' with Satan

Creation Books 2010
Documents of Culture X-Series, Volume 1

Behind the 60s media images of bronzed surfers and nude hippies frolicking in the California sun, lay a far grimmer reality: Hell’s Angels dealing in drugs, prostitution and violence; occultism; race hate; venereal disease; rape; and a strange, homicidal “family” gathering like scorpions in the desert.

It was against this convergent backdrop of increasingly dark forces that two men – one, a wealthy rock star from The Beach Boys, and the other, an unknown but messianic career criminal – crossed paths in the summer of 1968.
 music and hedonism, Manson’s rock-star aspirations and formative murder manifesto Helter Skelter – and the way in which they briefly and fatefully intertwined. With over 50 telling photographs.SURFIN’ WITH SATAN is an in-depth, illustrated analysis of the relationship between Charles Manson and Dennis Wilson, with background details on both men’s ongoing preoccupations – Wilson’s 
Large format chapbook (8.5 X 11 inches), 40 pages, coated art paper, saddle-stitched, 52 photographic images.