Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rosie Blanchard-Tate-Polanski: Woman of God, Mother, Teacher, Advocate for the Disabled/Special Needs Children, Author, Dancer, Daughter, Listener, and Friend.

Good news! Rosie Blanchard-Tate-Polanski is on Twitter!!!

A glimpse into the mind of Rosie Blanchard-Tate-Polanski. A seriously disturbed woman - my head hurts just from going back and reading her tweets from the beginning. It also says something about the state of mind of Billy Garrettson - who falls in love with someone who is this disturbed?!?

Her train of thought is erratic and really hard to track from one tweet to another, but from what I can gather, she's now saying that Sharon had twins - one boy, one girl, the boy is "Daniel". Steve McQueen is the father. Roman had them taken away. A nun, by the name of Sister Rose Vernette seemingly the evil woman who hid her away. She writes about about relatives named Blanchard. She has a daughter named Sharon (with learning disabilities?)

Claims McQueen is still alive living under the alias of Levon.

Claims Colonel Tate is still alive. Calls him (I think) Jim Hern. I guess she also claims that Garrettson, "Hern", Flebbe, and McQueen - aka Levon, kidnapped her daughter back in 2000?

One word--Yikes.