Sunday, December 26, 2010

leslie lies

Leslie down plays her involvement or changes the story for every hearing and , refuses to accept blame. She continues to make bad choices in her incarcerated life. She married a William Cywin November 18, 1981. Cywin was no angel himself , he had previously served time for embezzlement, drug charges and grand theft auto. Leslie was said to be aware of his criminal past but married him anyway. She probably figured she could change, maybe he could too. In early 1983 Cywin was again arrested for stealing a car. A search of his home yielded small quantities of weed and cocaine and, a CA woman's prision guard uniform. She later divorced him. Various parole hearing quotes from the ever changing Leslie- from her parole hearings. First trial (not sure of the date) Leslie- "I had a knife and Patricia had a knife. We just started stabbing and cutting up the lady." Question from Board Member- "Did you stab Mrs. Labianca after she appeared to be dead?" Leslie response-"I don't know if it was before or after she was dead, but I stabbed her. I don't know if she was dead. She was lying there on the floor." Board Member- "Had you stabbed her before you saw her lying on the floor?" Leslie- "I don't remember." Second Parole Hearing. I don't have the exact date. Leslie- "I stabbed Mrs. LaBianca between 10- 20 times." 1989 Parole Hearing- Leslie "I stabbed Mrs. LaBianca 16 times." 1993 Parole Hearing-Leslie "I stabbed her numerous times." 2004 Parloe Hearing-Leslie "I had stabbed Mrs. LaBianca between 14 and 16 times"............"When Tex handed me the knife, I knew he wanted me to do something, and at that moment I lost all sense of my humanity. I couldn't stop."