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NEED 6511 West 82nd St. Westchester, CA

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme lived at this location from 1951 to 1964. This was her second childhood home.

The house has obviously been remodeled since she lived there. Because of the remodel, the house really stands out from the other homes on the street. I've included an image of the street to show what kind of neighborhood it was. The other homes in the image below can give you an idea of what Squeaky's house was like while she lived there. I was impressed with the area as it is today.

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Diane Lake

Diane (Snake) Lake (1970)

Patton State Hospital
where Snake was treated after her
removal from The Family

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Squeaky lived here in 1967

Squeaky Fromme lived in these apartments in 1967.
Van Ness Ave. and 182nd St. Torrance, CA

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comment problems

there are on and off problems with posting comments today.
no you didn't do anything wrong-it is the blog.

Questions on DEATH TO PIGS

Recently I asked Robert Hendrickson, author of DEATH TO PIGS a few questions about his book. The following is our conversation:

Matt: You take great care to shed light on possible shady monetary reward deals made between police and prosecution witnesses, most importantly Ronnie Howard. In your opinion what role did that play in swaying the jury and in the ultimate outcome of the trial?

RH: As for Ronnie's testimony, it was obviously more important for the prosecution of the Manson Family defendants, as to what she didn't say, or concealed. I would rather not reveal too much about Ms Howard's story/confessions, but let the readers discover for themselves what may, or may not, have motivated the jury. For me, the fact that no "witness" even mentioned Helter Skelter as a motive for the Tate massacre, until the prosecutor started interviewing witnesses and building his case, is very significant. But, what moves a jury can be something as simple as "the glove doesn't fit.

Because the very foundation of any judicial system is dependent upon the ingredient "truth," justice was not served in the Tate/LaBianca murders case. But, I must also acknowledge the true spirit of American justice, as Mr Obama has so eloquently explained it to be:  Anyone who  doesn't think it's OK to kill bad people like Bin Laden (without due process of law) should have their head examined.

Matt: This is more an observation than a question: I really enjoyed the chapter devoted to a cell mate who was NOT Ronnie Howard, who Sadie first spilled details of the murders to. She did not go to police. Her interpretation of the confession is markedly different than Ronnie Howard's ultimately was at trial. The juxtaposition of these two women is thought provoking and raised my antennas regarding the way witnesses were handled by the police and the prosecution. Thoughts?

RH: Obviously, Nancy Jordon is a key witness who the jury never knew existed. Because Susan Atkins never even mentioned to Nancy that Charles Manson was involved in the Tate murders, his role in that specific massacre was probably minimal, at best. Thus, Nancy could have put a huge dent in the prosecution's claim of Manson's primary involvement in the Tate murders. So why did the "Defense" not call her as a witness?

Matt: I was intrigued by your exposure to "Kevin", who became a post-TLB Family member. You throw out the possibility that he was a law enforcement plant. If not for the numerous links of the Family to Hollywood and the monied establishment I'd be skeptical. However it makes sense given all of the pieces of the puzzle. Is that a strong possibility in Robert Hendrickson's mind, or just a passing idea.

RH: I knew there was something different about Kevin and now there is a rumor that he was an F.B.I. agent sent undercover to watch over me. I started looking back in time and realized that after Kevin arrived on the scene, he was always there when I was filming: Death Valley, Devil's Canyon, etc. As briefly mentioned in the book, I was a member of Area 51 (a top secret military installation) and although my association with the "Article" project was over, I was told that I would be monitored for the rest of my life.

Matt: I always had the impression that Clem was not the brightest of people. But in reading the dialogues I was very impressed with his intelligence and articulation of complex ideas. Given your exposure to the young Grogan, what was your opinion of his mind capacity?

RH: Clem and I had several intelligent conversations and never once did I even suspect that he was mentally disadvantaged, as he apparently convinced a so-called educated judge to think he was. But, what is the difference between a person who "functions barely above the animal level" and a so-called educated person. Isn't the very definition of a human being: A creature that, to some extent, functions above the animal level? Is it just some degree of "mental maturity" which distinguishes each of us from one another?

Apparently, Clem had the amazing mental ability to play both dumb and dumber roles, just like a judge would want. (Note: nothing turns a judge on more that the feeling of "defendant dumb, so I must be smart") Charles Manson has been trying to play the "animal level" routine, but so far only Clem has succeeded in getting himself out of jail, without climbing the fence. So. what does that say about Clem's mind? And how come Charles "the mastermind" Manson refused to play "their" game, according to their rules, so he could walk out of prison? Discover the answer to that question and you will understand the secret to the Manson mystique.

Also significant here: A judge bases his opinion of a person, in major part, upon the person's ability to answer questions directly. That is, not so much, is the answer correct, but does it address the question directly. For example: I asked you to a question to your bloggers

..."explain to me how you and your audience connect "then" to "now" mentally?

Now, look at all the responses and see if you can recognize the level of "mental maturity" (ability to foresee the consequences of what I say) expressed within those answers.

"Intellectual curiosity is the very definition of NOW"...If you are curious you are in the NOW,"

While the above appears to rate a 10+on a scale of 1 thru 10, a simple minded judge could actually be intimidated by such a profound sounding response. Although the answer is less personal than others, it is direct and practically un-disputable. Now, see if you can find the answer that is totally off-base and can even be considered an unintelligible response to a question everyone else found very easy to comprehend.

Where the measure of "mental maturity" relates directly to ones' ability to understand the consequences of their actions, Clem apparently knew exactly which role he had to play in front of a specific judge in order to be saved from a death sentence. Susan Atkins, on the other hand, did not even realize that her confessing of the Tate murders to a stranger like Ronnie Howard could lead to the arrest and conviction of not only her, but her beloved Charlie Manson. If you compare the Manson Family members on a "mental maturity" scale, your discovery should be an interesting experience. Then compare the "mental maturity" level of the Manson Family  "killers" with those you meet in your everyday lives.

P.S. To put Clem's situation in a proper perspective, try and find another murder case, in American history where in the first trial, the judge reduces the death sentence to life and several years later, the guilty defendant is actual se free, without an appeal process or re-trial.

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Charlie is my Daddy too


Thanks for the great find Patty!!!

This is the secret daughter of serial killer Charles Manson, Rebecca Evans-Bonyadi with her half-brother Matthew Roberts (Pic:Splash)

Charles Manson Is My Father-Woman tells world of horrific discovery
by Rachael Bletchly, Daily Mirror 21/05/2011

This is the secret daughter of serial killer Charles Manson, Rebecca Evans-Bonyadi with her half-brother Matthew Roberts (Pic:Splash)

Taken quietly into care as a baby, Rebecca Evans-Bonyadi was full of hope for tearful reunions and a happy family future when she began tracking down her natural parents as a teenager.

But the 15-year-old girl’s cherished dream became a living nightmare when she discovered her real dad was one of the world’s most notorious murderers.

Rebecca had lived with 10 different foster families and had been determined to find her biological mum and dad when she was confronted by the sinister truth.. her father was Charles Manson. And the realisation she was related to the US serial killer and cult leader left a lasting legacy on her.

She read with horror about his weird sect and their gruesome murder of actress Sharon Tate and eight others and it has taken her more than 25 years to publicly admit: “I’m Charles Manson’s daughter.” Her anguish is shared by Matthew Roberts, 42, who told the world he was Charles Manson’s son in 2009.

In an exclusive interview, Rebecca, now 41, told the Mirror: “When I was in high school I began to get curious about my background and who my real parents were. The truth came as a complete shock and at 15 it was very difficult to deal with.

“I was hurt and confused and I didn’t understand why nobody had ever told me. As I grew up it was hard to have relationships with people, to describe my past. I was worried it might scare some people away. Because of what he had done, I was scared people would apply that to me and I’m not that kind of a person at all. I found it difficult to get close to people and haven’t been able to tell anyone about my past – until now.”

Despite moving between numerous foster families in Los Angeles, Rebecca insists she had a happy childhood but as she hit her teens she wanted to discover her true roots.

She started doing some research through the LA County system and found out she had been taken into care from a place called Spahn Ranch.

Unbeknown to Rebecca, the ranch in the mountains above Chatsworth, California, was the secluded spot where Manson lived with his followers.

Ranch owner George Spahn, then 80, had allowed the group to move in rent free, in exchange for housework and sexual favours from young female members of the cult. In the summer of 1969, Manson and some of his “family” members committed a series of nine horrific murders. Victims included pregnant star Tate – the wife of film director Roman Polanski.

In 1971 Manson, along with Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten and Charles Watson, were convicted of the murders. Manson, described as “the icon of evil”, was sentenced to death but when California scrapped the death penalty in 1972 it was commuted to life imprisonment. He is still behind bars in California State Prison in Corcoran, aged 76.

As unsuspecting Rebecca later continued to delve into her family history, she contacted her social worker, who handed over her birth certificate, and managed to track down her biological mother, Andrea Kavakow.

Sales assistant Rebecca said: “When I asked her who my father was, she told me how she had met Charles Manson in the 60s, had started hanging out with him and had basically became one of the members of his group.

Then she said Charles Manson was my father. Of course, I knew the name and that he was the killer of Sharon Tate because the case has been so widely publicised. I wasn’t angry or tearful – at first I just felt disbelief. Then everything started to make sense... how I ended up taken from my parents and I finally had the answers. “Bizarrely, I even started looking for similarities between me and the pictures of him, but I don’t think there are any. Then I started doing more research and had really mixed emotions.

The things I found out were obviously very shocking, but I was more curious than anything else, and I tried not to judge him because I really didn’t know him.” Rebecca became so curious she even considered trying to visit Manson in jail. “I also thought about writing him a letter,” she confessed.

“I kept getting interested in finding him and talking to him, but then I would get scared and back off because of what I might find out. In the future, I might contact him or other ‘family’ members and talk to them, but not right now. I’d want to know what motivated them and what kind of life they led.

Rebecca says she is still haunted by what had been her dark secret.

"I didn't tell anybody when I found out and in 25 years I’ve only told my half brother and sister,” she said.

“I was completely in shock and afraid of what people would say or think.”

But despite all she knows about her serial killer father, Rebecca refuses to condemn Charles Manson.

“I haven’t got the right to form an opinion about him or judge him because I haven’t met him,” she said.

The one person who understands Rebecca’s distress is musician Matthew, who discovered his father’s identity after getting in touch with his biological mother 12 years ago. She revealed he was conceived when she was raped by Manson in 1967. Rebecca said: “I read about Matthew and wanted to meet him. He plays in a band so I went to a few of his shows and eventually introduced myself.”

Matthew, who bears a haunting resemblance to his killer father, confessed: “When Rebecca first told me I didn’t believe it. I thought she was a bit nutty.

“But I eventually gave her my phone number. We didn’t really talk about Charles Manson. We just hung out together. What could we say? Maybe we didn’t want to accept it. I think we were both still dealing with our feelings about it.

“I’ve never had a blood relative or any kind of genetic connection to anybody and one of the main reasons I went public was in the hope that somebody like Rebecca would come forward.

“I think there are probably other children out there who were parcelled off to different parents and have no idea who their father is.

Calling out to MS. AC for her thoughts and opionion. Oh MS. AC ~
come out to play with us would ya?

Rosie Tate Polanski

Might as well throw this one in too.
Rosie Tate Polanski.
This woman claims she is the un-born child of Sharon and Roman.
Pictured below with ole William Garretson who believes Rosie 100%.

pictures from youtube.com

since we are on the subject

Back in November of 2011 I was contacted by a woman named Beverly.
She told me she was the daughter of Mary and Charlie.
Now I know what most of you are thinking, we have only read/known of ONE child born to Mary from Charlie, Michael.
She told me she was the secret twin to Michael.
This is her claim to the Manson name~At some point Mary returned to WI leaving the "twins" to be raised by Mary's parents.  For some reason when Beverly was about four they went to court about something.  Since she was four she does not quite remember or understand why the following happened; now these are Beverly's words not mine  "I thought the Judge asked me if I wanted to go home but what he really asked me was if I wanted to go to a foster home.   So I said yes.  Then they took me away. " She also asked me for my help in finding The Brunners and Michael.
I asked her why she was never ever mentioned ANYWHERE?
She told me it was a big Government cover up.  And the Government threatened everyone that knew about her to stay quiet.
She did send me a picture of herself and she looks exactly like Mary and Charlie so much it is creepy.  And contrary to what some think,  I don't believe everyone that contacts me with their claims to the case. 

Another time someone contacted me about Sharon Tate's baby.
This chick tells me she got the info from a source who is always 100%.  Aaccording to the source Sadie and Co. did cut the baby from Sharon's womb.  After they cut the baby out using knives, they must of dug to hard trying to remove him because the child had a whole bunch of cut/knife marks all over his face and body.  The source sold the baby to a couple she remained friends with and watched the child grow.
As he aged the scars grew with him.  The scars on his back formed a map that leads to a secret hideout near Spahn Ranch.   Sigh

The "Official" Word on the Burning of Barker Ranch

*Before and After*

Barker Ranch was burned down somewhere between May 3 and May 5, 2009 according to the 14-page Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' report and all its appendices, which you can read it its entirety, here:

Thank you to an anonymous friend of the blog for making this available for us all to read. It is a very interesting, detailed forensics document chock full of facts collected by officers from the ATFE's Las Vegas Field Office. As far as we know at Eviliz.com, the case classified as "incendiary" in nature is still under investigation. Happy Reading...

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Q&A w/Susanna Lo~ Manson Girls Movie Release Date~ Summer 2012

The answers to your question from Susanna. Looks like she answered everything my members and I asked.
Hi Liz,Wow, that's a lot of questions!
How far along are you?
We're in pre-production, while simultaneously working on the soundtrack with The Doobies, so we've been approaching this in a very different manner than an average production. We were offered some great opportunities by record labels that really wanted to put out a soundtrack for us as soon as possible. Several of the actresses in the film are really amazing singers like Taryn Manning and Jen Landon. So they will be singing with Guy Allison and John McFee on the soundtrack. Meanwhile, we're building all of Spahn Ranch from scratch, so that's quite a big job for my art department. I wanted to give them the proper time to really depict the look of the Summer of Love correctly for the production, which also includes recreating sets for Haight-Ashbury and Venice Beach in 1969.
Is there an expected release date?
Summer of 2012.
Are you filming in Puerto Rico now?
We're in pre-production and will start shooting right after the 4th of July.
Have there been any changes in casting?
We added Priscilla Barnes to the cast, Bill Moseley's co-star from The Devil's Reject. I just love Priscilla and really wanted to work with her. Priscilla will beplaying Sadie's mom
Are you aware there are four other rumored Manson movie projects?
So I've heard. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Lol! Although I don't believe any of these other rumored projects focus mainly on the perspective of the girls, like Manson Girls does. Many of them are still telling Charlie's story, yet again. In Manson Girls, you never once see Charlie in our film. Bill Moseley has an amazing challenge as an actor to depict a character by using only his voice and his energy.
Why do you think there is so much interest now,forty two years later?
I think this tragic part of American history is not likely to ever go away, 42 years later or 52 years later. The fact that there is an attempt by so many people to make films all at the same time, probably has more to do with the concept of "riding a wave".
Did you try contacting/interviewing any of the "original"Manson girls?
I started to search for Sandra Good, as we share the same birthday, so the bizarre and twisted side of myself got fixated on writing her part of the story first. Then I quickly realized that I wasn't interested in Sandra Good's subjective telling of the girls' story. I really wanted to tell this story with my vision as a filmmaker. Even in the research period, each event that happened back in the Summer of '69 had so many different versions, it was near impossible to decide who was telling the correct version. So I decided to pick a point of view as a writer/director, and stick with my version as a story "inspired by true events".
Did any of the actresses portraying the girls watch any footage of the real Manson girls to prepare for their roles?
Yes, pretty much all of them. Tania Raymonde picked up a couple of documentary's shot at Spahn Ranch by Jim Van Bebber, and I passed it on to several of the other girls. I believe Taryn Manning, Estella Warren, Brit Morgan and Monica Keena have all watched it. Of course, they have all gone on-line and researched the heck out of their characters from YouTube and anywhere they can find footage from back in 1969 and 1970.
Do you see all the Manson girls in the same light in terms of mental health? Do you think some were more unbalanced than others?
There was definitely a range from fairly balanced to down right insane. Certainly Susan "Sadie" Atkins wasn't in the best place mentally through most of her teen years straight through to her adult life. What I did find was the more educated they were, the less likely they were to be under the complete influence of Manson. In the case of Catherine Share, she was slightly older with a more intellectual upbringing, so she really started to question things more, especially leading up to the murders. Although, I do feel most of them came from a range of dysfunctional to abusive homes, which made it much easier for Manson to manipulate and seduce them into his corrupted world.
Will you be exploring any of the girls lives prior to meeting Manson? Or the continued lives of crime some of the girls chose to lead after the murders?
A big part of the film is the girls in their teenage years, before they meet Manson or each other. The story ends right before the Tate/LaBianca murders, so no, I do not explore their lives after the crimes. I really felt that the murders and the trials have been told one time too many as it stands. It really didn't hold much interest for me. I wanted to know about the girls and their early lives, how they came to Spahn Ranch, and what happened at Spahn Ranch that first made them a happy family, but ultimately ended with them all becoming violent criminals.
Any touching on Lynette Fromme's attempted assassination on President Ford?
Are there any plans to interview the woman who were friends with Charles Manson in the late 60's early 70's? Women who have remained friends with him to this day?
No, like I mentioned earlier, I feel it's tough to get any objectivity from these women that would be helpful to the story I choose to tell. Although, I believe that some of the actresses have attempted to talk with the women they will be portraying in the film.



http://www.enriquesantos.com/, http://www.abcnews.com/, http://www.en.paperblog.com,www.champagneandheels.com/


Two more of the actresses in Manson Girls.

Laura Harring stars as a reporter.

Priscilla Barnes will play Sadie's mother. Her name rang a bell so I googled her. Remember the t.v. show Three's Company?
She played Terri in it. Thats where I remembered her from.
She also starred in Devil's Rejects-she played the older lady who was forced to strip in the motel scene.

Threes Company

In Devils Rejects with Bill Mosley who
coincidentally will co-star with her again
playing Charlie in Manson Girls.

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More on the Stubbs Murder

A friend of the blog recently sent in the following photos of Olancha, CA that are relevant to the Karl Stubbs murder case. Below is Karl's house in which he was robbed and beaten: The store where poor old Karl was shopping that day in November of 1968 when he was spotted by some hippies (two girls and two boys) and followed home. Why, it's the Fresh Jerky Stand near the intersection of 190 and 395!: Looking towards the Stubbs residence from the Fresh Jerky stand. The house is visible through the trees in the center of the photo.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And in other news...

Rumor also has it (because Patty and Liz are starting that rumor right now) that Tex will be playing Dr.Spock in the newest Star Trek Movie. It will be titled "The Final Frontera". The first scene features The Starship Enterprise hovering over The California Institute for Women while Scotty (played by Bruce Davis) prepares to beam up Leslie and Katie. And then...

PS: Hi Matt! See what happens when you leave us alone?

Eyes of a Dreamer

I am very curious about the five movies related to The Family that are rumored to be in the works. I think I did a fair enough job interviewing Susanna about the 'Manson Girls'.  I just sent her the latest round of questions and will have an up-date soon.

Next up, I think, should be 'Eyes of a Dreamer,' since I could only find one article with any kind of description of the movie:
"The movie follows the Manson Family through their trail of carnage." That's it. 


Tyler Shields, the producer of "Eyes of a Dreamer," has granted us an interview! I am ready for any questions you would like me to ask him, my lovelies.


Lindsay Lohan rumored to play Sharon Tate.

Marilyn Manson to portray Tex.

As well as producing, Tyler Shields will be playing the
role of Charles Manson.

Get those questions rolling!

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Above: Olancha, CA in the 1940's

Item Two that was lost, reprinted for your enjoyment: (cached version available at http://www.zimbio.com/member/eviliz/articles/i6aVXZXjLRG/Charles+TexWatson+identified+1968+murder)
From Giovanni Di Stefano's site, Studio Legale (http://www.studiolegaleinternazionale.com), a portion of the correspondence between Di Stefano and Barack Obama regarding the murder of Karl Stubbs:

"Tex Watson was seen following a man named Karl Stubbs to his house and that man was later found dead on 9/15/1968 in Olancha, California. This the verbatim statement from the California Police Officer as below:

“I have another murder that I want to tell you about. The victim is an 80 year old man named Karl Stubbs who was killed November 15, 1968 in Olancha, Ca., almost a year before Tate/LaBianca/Hinman/Shea. A witness identified Tex Watson in 1970. There were also two unknown girls there when Karl was beaten. The murder was not followed up on. Why? Because Charlie was nowhere near Olancha then and it would show that Tex is the serial killer. There is no way the Bug could have convinced the jury that he had total mind control on everyone back in 1968!

I spoke to the witness that lived behind Karl. She told me that Karl crawled to her trailer and told her husband that there was a boy and two girls that came in his house demanding money. Every time the boy would kick him in the head the girls would laugh. The witness said that Karl was totally lucid but he could not see. He died hours later. A year later, Tex Watson confessed the Tate/LaBianca murders to Diane Lake while there were in Olancha. Olancha is the gateway to the Barker Ranch via Hwy 190.

The case was investigated by the California Department of Justice. Tom interviewed the investigator who said that the investigation "fell through the cracks". It was not until Tex was finally extradited from Texas, after everyone else was tried, that the clerk at the store recognized Tex on TV as one of the kids that followed Karl home from the store. It is unknown if this was ever reported to Law Enforcement.

To this day, DOJ will not do anything with this case. (I have talked with them). Why not?????
It would show that Tex was killing people almost a year before, independently on his own, as well as two of the girls. That would not support the Bug's Helter Mind Control/Helter Skelter theory.

Olancha is a very small town. Gas Station, Store and one restaurant. About 500 people scattered over many square miles on ranches. It was not local kids. The Hannum Ranch is in Olancha. David Hannum worked at the Spahn Ranch in 1969 and the family used his mother's ranch in Olancha to park a semi trailer full of supplies and use it as a base.”

Missing Items!

So, Patty does not think that Blogger will ever restore the two posts that were lost. If they do, Patty will personally mail them a nice port wine cheeseball and some summer sausage. Maybe some Ritz crackers, too.

First item of business: Robert Hendrickson. Matt wrote on May 12th (cached version available at http://www.zimbio.com/member/eviliz/articles/P47wcpmtLiw/Question+Robert+Hendrickson+Readers):
"Robert Hendrickson has posed this question to the readers of Eviliz.com. I think it is a great one. Your input should be equally interesting:

This whole "Where are they now"? theme, has always puzzled me. The Family stressed the importance of always living in the NOW. Of course, that is a significant clue related to the MANSON mystique. If you could explain to me how you and your audience connect "then" to "now" mentally, I would appreciate that greatly. In many ways, for me, "then" is still "now". I would love to hear your website fans explain how THEY connect 40 years ago with today.

You were saying...


Chuck Lovett (The Chuckleberry)

Chuck Lovett (2011)
click on pics to enlarge

Chuck Lovett (1970)

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More on The Spiral Staircase

The following is a research project done on the house known to us as The Spiral Staircase by our official Paparazzi, Ken. The first two photos are historical records, the second two are his.

There isn't a lot of info about The Spiral Staircase out there and what is, is mostly speculation. Through several years of research, there have been some discrepancies and some explanations found. On some websites, it is said that The Spiral Staircase was a two story Victorian that had slide off it's foundation. It is said that only the second story was used due to the first floor being full of sand. It being the only two story structure is also something that is also mentioned.

Well, there were no homes in the area called lower Topanga (aka The Snake Pit) built in the 1880's or 90's. This removes the possibility that The Spiral Staircase was a Victorian. After searching the Santa Monica Historical website, this image was found. It shows a two story Dutch Colonial Revival home in the exact location as where The Spiral Staircase was. Quite often, Dutch Colonial style homes are referred to as being Victorian because it best suits it if one doesn't know architecture. This image is pre 1933.

Building a house in a flood basin isn't always the best idea. This image helps to explain the house falling off it's foundation and why the first floor was full of sand. The Spiral Staircase was demolished in 1968 and this image might explain why. In 1968, due to heavy rains, there was heavy flooding that occurred in the Lower Topanga area. This probably is what brought an end to The Spiral Staircase. This image is of the same period that the family would have frequented the area and gives a good picture of what The Snake Pit looked like. The Spiral Staircase would of been behind the hill, to the left of the Palm trees in the upper left corner.

Note - The house in the lower left corner is the house that Clem, Linda and Sadie visited after leaving Saladin Nader's apartment.

Ken's recent image of where The Spiral Staircase was shows all that's left. A couple of cobble stone retaining walls and a few park benches.

Note - This is where Charles Melton's camp site was that Linda Kasabian took the $5,000. This is also where Tex says he and Charlie first listened to The White Albun.

The state started the Revegetation and Restoration Project in the Lower Topanga area and on Feb. 14, 2006, the last of the residents of what was known as The Snake Pit were evicted. The State set aside three houses declaring them Historical Landmarks. No money is being funded and no plans to restore them have been made to this date. These are the last three houses left of what was known as The Snake Pit. Each of these being a few hundred feet from where The Spiral Staircase was located.

A interesting link with some writings by the last people to live at The Snake Pit.

Something that might be of interest to all of you. I've done a lot of research on the area where the snake pit was. I have found enough info that William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies owned the property where the spiral staircase was at one time. I have found enough info to almost be able to say that William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies are the ones that built the spiral staircase as a weekend get away. William Randolph Hearst was having an affair with Marion Davies and the time that the house would of been built was while they were still being discrete about it. Hearst's wife wouldn't allow him to divorce her which would explain a hide away in a discrete location.

Manson Girls Movie 2012

I plan on touching base with Susanna Lo this week.
I asked members if they had any questions they would like me to ask her.  I am no longer accepting questions.  I sent out every question you all asked to Sussana this evening.

Manson Girls Logo Boxer Brief


No movie yet but you can buy clothes and accessories.
I want the fridge magnet myself.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

               picture from http://www.redrumatographs.com/                                  

In 1969 I was working in Hollywood California and taking care of my four children. That year the Tate-LaBianca murders rocked Los Angeles and the world.  I thought these crimes could set off a revolution in America. I believed nothing short of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, or a revolution (maybe both) were necessary to solve America's problems.  After visiting Charles Manson in jail, my children and I went to live with the 'Manson Family.'  - Dennis Rice

Preaching must come with a good dental plan.

Parts of a interview with Dennis "Fatherman" Rice.
October twenty eight, 2009

Speaking of prison~Over time, Rice said he began to see things differently. Some of his old “family” members had become Christians. His cellmate was a Christian and in all these people, he could see a common thread.“My Jesus was in prison,” he said. “Their Jesus was changing their lives.”

Rice said his children also came to know Christ through him. All four of his children who were with him at the Manson family ranch are now born-again Christians doing work in ministry. He said they told him they knew God was real when they saw God change their father.
“I knew if I wanted to stay free and stay saved, I knew to surround myself with people who wouldn't bring me back to prison. Is there any hope for you?” he asked offenders. “It ain't over till it's over. This isn't about fun and games. This if life and death. It's time to get out and stay out. It's time to do it his way.”

Rice asked if anyone had a parole date or knew they only had a short time left. He told them he was on his way out too, if his doctors were right.  In May Rice said he was diagnosed with liver cancer and his doctor's gave him 6-9 months to live.  At most a year. That's OK, because I know where I'm going. I'm looking forward to it,” he said. “This may be the last time I ever see you unless you make the same decisions I made on the floor of that prison cell on May 14, 1978. We may see each other again, if you make that decision."
Rice said he wants to be remembered as doing something good.  “You have a choice, you can leave behind a legacy,” he said. “It's going to be a blessing or a curse. Years from now, they'll remember you. Which way will it be? This is your opportunity. This is your day.”

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The reason I chose to re-run part of this article is-
The article is dated October twenty eight 2009.  Dennis said that in May of 2009, he was diagnosed with liver cancer and the doctors gave him 6-9 months,a year at most.   He was already five months into his death sentence when this article was printed.  It is now May 2011. Over two years have gone by.  Maybe he is holding on until the bitter end like Sadie did?  I cant seem to find a thing about him past 2009.  Does anybody know if he is still alive?