Sunday, August 5, 2012

43 Years Ago This Week

We at Eviliz are extending to our members the chance to write something in your own words to commemorate the fast approaching anniversary of the crimes.
It can be anything you like within reason.  Maybe write in your own words what you think lead up to the crimes, or who went back to Cielo after the damage was done.  A small fiction story through one of  the killer's eyes.  Or a tribute to a certain victim.  I am just tossing out ideas, feel free to use your own creativity.  And let us not forget Donald Shea, Gary Hinman and John "Zero" Haught.
I plan on posting them depending on how may I receive starting tomorrow August 6th.  Short notice I know, my bad.  I will post all that I receive and no one will be turned away within reason.  Please nothing graphic. Don't forget to add the name you would like to be credited as or you can remain anonymous.

Send them only to Eviliz at-

It's an Eviliz world

I'm just rambling here. ..

Being in the internet business I pay attention to trends and internet traffic across a variety of websites. Over time it has made me a stats junkie - even on this blog.

In reviewing stats for a few minutes each day I've noticed out of the thousands of visits we get daily - some extremely loyal readers in cities like Doylestown PA, Richardson TX, Sioux Center IA, Frackville PA, Richmond CA, Waukesha WI, Bronx NY, Lenoir NC, Virginia Beach VA and Seal Beach CA to name just a few. These are imprints that I see EVERY day.

I'm equally awed by the loyal readers we have in international cities like London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Madrid, Stockholm & Munich.

But the ones that really give me a smile are the daily visits we get from loyal readers in far out places like Jakarta, Islamabad, Moscow, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok and one in Skopje Macedonia! Freakin' Skopje!

Thank you, everybody. Liz, Patty & I appreciate each and every one of you.