Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year All!!!

Yesterday was a very busy day at the blog for me. 
I spoke with Susanna Lo and Robert Hendrickson and posted all updates on the upcoming movie and book.  I was also conversing with someone else which I didn't mention until now.  I was waiting for her permission before I shared this with everyone.

In the comment areas people have asked me "If a family member contacts you, and asks you not to post their picture, would you?"  I think I answered that question with "I don't no it depends." 
Yesterday I recieved and urgent letter from Stephanie Schrams daughter.   She asked me if I had pictures of her mom, and if I did to please not post them.  

Yes I do have pictures of Stephanie Schram present day.
Stephhanie's daughter is one of the nicest people I ever spoke to in my life.   She is what I would say -very family orientated.  She is a wonderful daughter and protector of her family.   After speaking with her, I agreed to not post any pictures of Stephanie Schram here, or show them to anyone.
I saw another side to this tale.  A side I never thought about before.  She had such desperation in her plea.  For a change I put myself in her shoes.  As a daughter and a mother I felt her pain.  The following is a portion of the letter I recieved from her.    She asked me to please not post her real name, and was nice enough to agree to answer a few questions about her mother and what happened after Stephanie high tailed it out of there.  Here is a New Years surprise~ a short interview with Stephanie's daughter on her mom's life after the Family.

BELOW-  part of the letter I received from Stephanie Schram's daughter.  Posted with her permission.  She asked me to please not reveal her name,  her mother's new name or there present location.

"So, I have spent many days reviewing your Website. I understand that some people may be very interested in my mom's whereabouts. However, I ask you to remember that my mother did nothing wrong. She was never convicted of a crime. She did not join that family to seek fame. She did not harm anymore. She realized those people had a screw loose and she hiked, barefoot and pregnant, out of the desert. At 17 years old, my mother got on a witness stand and testified against on of the scariest people this world has ever known. She endured months of hiding after that. She feared for her life for sometime. When the phone would ring and no one was on the other line..what do you think she did??? Ran like HELL out of the house. My mother's life has not been easy. You would think that God would give her a pass for the hell that she endured at 17....but this is not the case. "

I also asked her if her mom was really writing a book.
Below is her response.  I also requested she keep us updated on her mother's book progress.

"She least she has started the process. It's been a bit of a struggle for her...but she just bought a new laptop and promised me that she will kick it in gear starting in the new year."

I also would like to welcome her here and encourage her participation.  If she refrains I understand.  Let's all be nice to her, she is a beautiful person.