Saturday, April 30, 2022

Carol Loveless from the Manson Mugshots

Carol is #55 down below. She's located between Jack and Ruth Gordon. The photo is from the same yearbook and Barbara and Keith Carradine. You in there too, X? 

As is often the case, Buntline found Carol's photo for us. Does anyone know when she was arrested? 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Master List of Cielo Anomalies

This is the master list of anomalies concerning discrepancies between physical evidence and the more-or-less official narrative.

Thanks for your suggested additions.

Major Anomalies

The items on this list are fundamental to the events and to the sequence described in the official narrative, but they directly contradict the narrative.

1) Blood evidence at the doorway/porch.

This is at odds with all testimony. 

2) Towel on Sebring's head.

At odds with all testimony.

3) Stab wounds on Tate's back.

No version of the narrative unambiguously describes a situation in which she was attacked from behind.

Minor Anomalies

The items on this list raise questions about variations from the official narrative, but are not in themselves contradictory.

1) Broken guard rail.

Explained as being done by Parent, but without much detail.

2) Marks on Tate's face.

Watson has mentioned at least twice that he inflicted cuts on Tate's face as the first wounds; the Noguchi autopsy report and testimony say they are rope burns.

3) Knife found at the scene with no blood evidence.

The knife found in the chair had no blood on it, but appeared to be coated with some unidentified substance.

4) Moving or rearranging some of the bodies.

Initial investigators state that they believed that Tate's body had been in some sense handled or moved.

5) Glasses near the trunks.

Unexplained in the official narrative.

6) Blood trail on the trunks.

On close inspection the blood trails on the trunks appear to have been made while the trunks were in a different position than in which they were found.

7) Purple scarf found near Frykowski. 

There was a  purple scarf found on the front lawn near Frykowski. This scarf had Sebring's blood type on it.

8) Purple ribbons found on front door handle (or inside house).

This will take some digging. I've read about it in the 1st progress report, I think, but not much elsewhere. Blood type is identified simply as "O", no subtype.

9) Odd alignment of Folger's car in Cielo parking area.

Looking at the many available aerial photos of Cielo after the murders, I notice Abigail's Firebird parked considerably further away from the fence than Jay's Porsche. The fence I refer to here is the wood rail fence that separates the parking area from the front lawn. Why?

10) The state of the porch lights on front porch on the night of 8-9 Aug.

Looking at a photo of Roman in Life magazine on the Cielo porch a week after the murders, and I see one of the carriage lights on either side of the front door is burned out. Susan Atkins said that after turning out the lights inside the house, there was enough light coming in the windows from outside to carry out their attack. Makes one wonder if one of those lights was burned out on August 8th. Perhaps those lights were left on for a week post murders, and one of them burned out in that time.

11) The mystery of the dog that did not bark.

Christopher, Rudi Altobelli's Weimaraner, was let out by Bill Garretson, ostensibly unattended. Susan Atkins says she saw a "hunting dog" looking in at her while in the house. I believe this is a true statement, and I believe she saw Christopher. My question is: if Christopher was on the lawn during the attacks, did Tex or Patricia encounter him? How did Christopher make it back to the guesthouse on his own, and unhurt, if he was in the presence of armed killers. It is known that Christopher could sometimes be a mean dog, and at one time even bit Rudi. One would think that he would have barked wildly, and perhaps try to attack at least Tex, Patricia, or even Linda.

I'll try to develop new articles, each of which focuses on one or more of the anomalies. I invite other readers to do the same. As each anomaly is addressed in an article I'll modify the master list to show that it has been covered. 

What I may do is to go back to this list, and modify it, adding a hypertext link to the new article that deals with the anomaly in greater depth. The list could then become a sort of reference work with pointers toward supporting (or at least expanded) details.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Episode Where Mr. X Says He Sold Owsley LSD to Charlie for a Dollar a Tab

And partnered with Charlie in drug ventures. I can't even with this dude anymore. 

Owsley acid was free and not around for as long as X thinks. His timeline is off. My basic research process is once I catch someone in one lie, they remain a liar. 

Anecdotally, I also know LSD cost a buck a hit in bulk in the Midwest during the 90's. Often, the price point was at fifty cents per. At least learn the numbers, X.  

Whatever. The greatest hits regurgitation of everything you ever read in Manson continues here. You'll love it if your name is Dupey McDuperson and you have time for an old man's bullshit stories. I can't wait until we know who this cat is for real. 

Owsley on his way to meet X, Chuck Sommers, and Sonny B. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Danny DeCarlo Backstory and Ruth Gordon Update!

Lately, the blog is becoming me and Shoe asking questions while sitting at the feet of yon experts. Stars fill our eyes. Maybe only mine eyes. I can't speak for Shoe. He might not like it like the Colonel doesn't. Regardless, new fruits are falling out of the Manson tree of knowledge in real time. 

I don't think I've ever used yon in a sentence. Maybe I should try to work it into casual conversations. "What time is Saturday's bbq at yon's abode?" "OMG would you please remove yon's clothes from the f-ing dryer! I've been asking for two days!" 

Today, I have stars in my eyes for Buntline. But I legit always do. Bunt is one of those rare researchers who provides data with their thoughts. In forty-eight hours, Buntline basically figured out Ruth Gordon and found Danny DeCarlo's arrival in the US. 

 More than that, Bunt put me back on track with additional documents after I missed a govt. typo and started looking for a timeline I'd never find.

Danny's 1944 birthdate was incorrectly transcribed, possibly by the AI that reads that stuff, as 1914. I totally missed it. His parents are indeed Thomas and Marie. 

3976 3rd Avenue in Los Angeles is worth over a million dollars now. The DeCarlo's shoulda kept the property. I'm not a big stucco guy fwiw. 

Someone from LA is welcome to correct me but that looks like the Leimert Park neighborhood. Here's what I found on Wikipedia. The location of their first US home makes me think Crenshaw and not Westchester was the likely high school for the DeCarlo kids. 

*A bit of minutia. Patricia Krenwinkel and Lynette Fromme also attended Westchester High School at different times. 


Moving on to Ruth Gordon. 

Here's Matt and them (you) discussing the mugshots a decade ago. The only write up I could find on Ruth Gordon was this one. The owners of that website asked readers to "let them know" if anyone finds more info on Ruth. I hope this suffices. 

Those of you following the Mr. X saga on Allegra Lansing's channel know Mr. X dropped a couple of Spahnites' names during the first installment of his interview. Jack Gordon, 4th from left bottom row, and Barbara aka Ruth Gordon, two photos away from him on the right. Mr. X mentions they had a baby named Aaron who Mary Brunner delivered at the Ranch. Sadly, little Aaron died. His last name on the death certificate is Cline. 

AB Nobel Jr. High School is 2.4 miles miles away from Chatsworth HS and located on the same street. Check out Keith Carradine top right, second from right. Those eyes are enough to make a straight man swoon. 


I know I've been heavy on requests lately but I'm wondering if anyone has the corresponding documents from Tom O'Neill's notes section of his book, or knows where I will find them.

My first vacation in a year starts next week but unofficially yesterday. I can't promise I won't post fifty-five more times before Monday but will refrain once something big and juicy appears in our queue. Buntline, Welsh Englishman, Tobias, Torque, dare I say even Matt and David. I'd love to read something from you folks if you ever find yourselves suddenly seized by the urge to type. Jay on a film review, maybe?

And seriously, if you're out there reading this and have something to add to the conversation, shoot Matt an email. Fresh takes are welcome and invited. Shoutout to my homie, Mr. Nitelite, for texting all day about this crazy milieu we inhabit. +ggw

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Apologies if you've seen this one before. It's new to me.

Ruth Ann Moorehouse

The year she marries Edward Heuvelhorst at age sixteen. 


That you, Donkey?

I was searching for a Danny DeCarlo birthdate on Google using "Danny DeCarlo birthdate" as my query terms. Bupkis. After eleven hours of Cielo boxes yesterday, I lacked the courage to hop back in. Fortunately, had Danny's birthday on his dedicated page. 

The story told across the Internet is Danny was born in Canada and became an American citizen after serving in the US Coast Guard. I took that to mean Danny arrived in the States as an adult, but always wondered how he ended up in a bike club in Venice, CA. 

Two public records exist for DeCarlo that I am comfy believing are correct. A marriage and subsequent divorce in Oregon. And not to Sherry Cooper. 

Searching Canadian records, I left empty handed. No birth. City directories. Nuthin. 

All of this is probably minutia but I'd like to remove my questions from my mind. I'm wondering if someone here might point me to a record of Danny's early life in Canada? Anything detailing his arrival in the US would be greatly appreciated. A photo in a Coast Guard uniform would be collector level. 

That kid up top looks like Danny to me. They share the same name, and I can't trace the kid beyond his 8th/9th grade photo. Orville Wright middle school feeds students into Westchester and Crenshaw High Schools. 

Danny's high school class would've graduated in 1962 or 1963. I'm guessing Westchester but also not sure Danny attended high school. Perhaps hence the Coast Guard. The Satans' Venice Beach HQ was a short drive from the neighborhoods surrounding the middle school. 

Do we have any early Sixties Westchester grads in the house? Crenshaw where you at? Somebody please help the green. 

Monday, April 18, 2022

Places I liked in LA...

Before diving into something more demanding from the anomalies list, I thought I'd share some of the places I liked when in LA. Others may recognize these, and share with us their own favorites.

 Hopefully, it may give others a more detailed view of LA as it was, and to a degree, still is.

Many of these places I just drove by, was never inside of...

1) Pan Pacific Auditorium

This burned down in the 80's, I think. It was on Beverley Blvd, between Fairfax and La Brea.

2) Cinerama Dome

This is at the Hollywood end of Sunset, as I recall. Never  in it.

3) Farmers' Market

Near Fairfax and the CBS studios, as I recall. WRT Fairfax, the thing to understand is that it was the heart of LA's Jewish community, and the street, itself, had lots of delis.

So this is real close to that district.

4) Castle Argyle

This is interesting. You can see it from 101, as I recall, and in the mid-70s they were remodeling it and I snuck in with the workmen (easy to do; no one gave a damn) and took a lot of photos of the old interiors, which are now lost, like the secret for making Greek fire.

This is in Hollywood, as I recall.

5) Capital Records Building

Also visible from the Hollywood Freeway (101). 

For those few too young to get the visual symbolism, this was a stack of records as they would appear on a turntable.

6) Chateau Marmont

This is really imposing, visually, when you drive by it. On Sunset near Laurel Canyon.

7) Santa Monica Pier

It was more fun to see it while riding bikes up from Playa del Rey. Imposing, for sure.

8) Brown Derby, Wilshire

Never went there, but drove by it every weekday the year I went to Southwestern Law School, also on Wilshire.

9) Greek Theater

It is much better to go here than the Hollywood Bowl--which itself is a fun place to attend a concert.

10) Yamashiro

This was/is a Japanese restaurant. It was once a private residence, which is mind-boggling when you consider that it's located just off Franklin. It is just about as Hollywood as you can get.



11) Lawry's Beverley Hills

This is the very best place for prime rib I've ever been to! Near the old Beverley 14 Cineplex, as I recall.

12) Randy's Donuts

This is actually visible from 405, in Inglewood. The sign completely boggled my mind when I first saw it when I was about 9 or so.

Never been the same, since...

13) Hotel Hell

Ah, lucky 13. How appropriate!

Very strange place. When I first saw it in the 70s it was very run-down. Later it was abandoned and reputedly druggies and their ilk lived in it. Someone inside started a fire in it and it burned down in the 80s, I think.

Very, very spooky place to drive by--it was HUGE, right in the middle of Hollywood, on Hollywood Blvd, I think. Visually imposing, even when it was a wreck.

Here's the story, with pix:

Hotel Hell


In conclusion, seeing these again, one of the main things to stress about LA, and what made it so much fun for me, was that it was whimsical as hell. Did not really give a damn what you might think of it; it seemed happy being LA.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Who Drove to Gary's?


Ella Jo Bailey testified for the People that she had known Manson since 1967 and travelled extensively throughout the southwestern United States with him, Mary Brunner, Patricia Krenwinkel and Lynne Fromme, and that they moved to the Spahn Ranch in 1968 where she met Davis and Beausoleil. 

Several times during May and June 1969, Manson talked to Bailey and others about "going out" to get money to buy dune buggies to go to the desert to live. In July of 1969 Manson talked to several members of the family about the need to get money and names were discussed of various persons from whom they could get money. Hinman's name was discussed and the fact that he owned a house and stocks and bonds. 

On July 26, 1969, Manson told Bailey and Bill Vance that he wanted them to go to Hinman's house and persuade him to join the "family" or sign over all of his property and automobiles. Vance said he had better things to do and walked away. That night at about 6 p.m. Bailey saw Manson talking to Beausoleil and Davis. Beausoleil had a knife (People's exh. 18) and Davis had a nine millimeter Radom gun (People's exh. 30). Subsequent investigation by officers established that Davis had purchased the gun under an assumed name. Bailey saw Brunner and Atkins dressed in dark clothes. Bailey saw Brunner, Atkins, Beausoleil and a fourth unidentified person drive off in [71 Cal. App. 3d 14] a ranch hand's car which was driven by the fourth person. Davis was still in the parking lot.

Channels Nukes Schreck - Book Review

Michael Channels 

Friday, Grim called Nikolas Schreck's The Manson File Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman a "modern day fairy tale." Yesterday, Michael Channels discussed Schreck in this video. My ears perked up when Channels echoed Grim. 

"This book is like Alice in Wonderland to me."

Before I got going on the video, I noticed a pinned comment identifying a Harry Martin as the originator of the drug burn theory circa 1992 in Martin's Napa Sentinel. The weekly paper did not begin publishing until 8 Jan 1993 but I gave commenter Jack Tatum a pass since he was so good at Ohio State and also because three decades have passed since the info was fresh. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to find the original article. Channels linked his viewers to a reprint of Martin's piece. 

- Martin's Napa Sentinel Wikipedia page. 

- Here's an article on Martin from in May 2005.  

Of course, I want you to make your own decisions but imo Martin looks like he wants to sell me a Mercury Cougar that blows white smoke out of the exhaust pipe if I even dream of driving on the highway.   

C'mon down to Honest Harry's today and drive home tonight in style!

I jest. Honest Harry Martin was a tabloid journalist and not a used car salesman. Same career as Tom O'Neill now that I think about it. I wonder if Tom also enjoys denim shirts? I bet he dresses better. My brain keeps telling me parallels exist between the two writers but I can't put it all together. 

Anyway. I watched Channels' assassination of Schreck. Channels give sources like he's supposed to and makes interesting points throughout the presentation. I expected some factional, he-said-she-said kinda stuff, but instead walked away wondering for the first time if Schreck's book was cut out of whole cloth. Not saying I'm trying to go full weR7 with you, but I did find myself recently canceled as a podcast guest because I'm from the mean and clueless Manson Blog. 

Manson Blog. Former home of filmmaker Robert Hendrickson. RIP.

Channels' account of the Schreck/Channels meeting with Robby Krieger blew my mind. I'm not sure I'll ever forget it. What are your thoughts on Channels' views on Schreck and his book, neo-Nazi claims included? 

As for the Manson File, I suppose I'll err on the side of that Epimenides dude while I wait. Someday, maybe my book will arrive and allow me to verify things myself. +ggw


*don't eat too much candy today. get a good workout in tomorrow if you do. 

Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Mystery Man of Spahn Ranch Part One - H. Allegra Lansing

The Who at Monterey 1967

Bon soir, friends. I'm watching the Mr. X saga unfold on Allegra Lansing's YouTube channel. Mr. X mentions he was the drummer in a band that played at The Monterey International Pop Festival in June 1967

Here is a link to the festival performances. I enjoyed watching the groups and listening to the commentary between songs. Dare I dream one of our community was in that crowd and is willing to paint the picture for me? 

On a more focused note, I'm wondering if anyone else is following the Mr. X saga, or is interested in watching Lansing's video and sharing your thoughts on Mr. X's claims? +ggw

Monday, April 11, 2022

List of Cielo Crime Scene Anomalies: Major and Minor

I have no doubt that many of you who visit this forum find one of the most compelling things about the Cielo murders to be the remaining anomalies--the mismatches between the hard evidence and the testimony or related narrative. I would like to create a list of agreed-upon anomalies that is composed of two parts: major anomalies and minor anomalies. I then invite additions to the list. Once we've settled (more or less) on the items, I'd propose to create an article to deal with each one separately, in some level of depth, or maybe in logical groupings of a few that are closely related. We can then poke at the presented scenario(s) and try to create a hierarchy of the likelihood of each version of the scenario that evolves.

I expect that this will be a collaborative effort to help clear as much of the fog surrounding the events at Cielo as possible. I will not explore personalities other than how they might have directly affected the events.

We are never really going to know what happened, and we all know that, but I think that using a collaborative effort we may tighten things up a bit. 

I'm working from the following assumptions for this exercise: 

  • The "official narrative" that the prosecutors used to convict the Cielo perpetrators is essentially correct in all aspects that it purports to account for; it is likely, however, to be a subset of the complete event. 
  • All physical evidence is correct and reliable.

There are many incompatibilities between the two assumptions, and these create the anomalies I'm addressing. I'm seeking to narrowly define the possibilities, or even to resolve some of the anomalies to within perhaps 90% certainty. In some cases the narrative may have to give; in others, the evidence.

Here goes...

Major Anomalies

The items on this list are fundamental to the events and to the sequence described in the official narrative, but they directly contradict the narrative.

1) Blood evidence at the doorway/porch.

This is at odds with all testimony. 

2) Towel on Sebring's head.

At odds with all testimony.

3) Stab wounds on Tate's back.

No version of the narrative unambiguously describes a situation in which she was attacked from behind.

Minor Anomalies

The items on this list raise questions about variations from the official narrative, but are not in themselves contradictory.

1) Broken guard rail.

Explained as being done by Parent, but without much detail.

2) Marks on Tate's face.

Watson has mentioned at least twice that he inflicted cuts on Tate's face as the first wounds; the Noguchi autopsy report and testimony say they are rope burns.

3) Knife found at the scene with no blood evidence.

The knife found in the chair had no blood on it, but appeared to be coated with some unidentified substance.

4) Moving or rearranging some of the bodies.

Initial investigators state that they believed that Tate's body had been in some sense handled or moved.

5) Glasses near the trunks.

Unexplained in the official narrative.

6) Blood trail on the trunks.

On close inspection the blood trails on the trunks appear to have been made while the trunks were in a different position than in which they were found.

I'll look for replies and compile suggestions for about a week, then publish the resulting master list and get started soon thereafter. I'll construct and propose an initial hypothesis, and we can beat on it to see if we can make it stronger. Other readers, after viewing the list, may want to take one of the items and create a hypothesis to present: that would be great, so far as I'm concerned.

In creating these lists I'll be the final arbiter as to what is included. 

Some years ago, David did an excellent, in depth seven part series that explored the evidence at the Cielo crime scene. I recommend looking at it, or re-reading it. We'll cover some of his points, perhaps coming at them from different angles.

A Look at the Evidence, Part 1

Any suggested additions? If so, please reply.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Leslie, My Name is Evil

When I began the project of adding Manson films to our blog library, I didn't think I'd like many of them. Atrocious acting and Bugliosiite retellings were my presuppositions.

Bigger picture, try as I might, I've never figured out how to write reviews. My hero, Roger Ebert, kicks my ass from the grave every time I attempt to type something half as good as he published several times a week for decades. The man was a bona fide genius and a deserving Pulitzer Prize winner. 

But time passes and Ebert types no more. Your consolation prize is my hot takes on a movie I should've watched a decade ago. Late date notwithstanding, I will not be restrained today. 

Canadian filmmaker Reg Harkema blew my doors off with this one. His film is a visual experience that chronicles the times through the eyes of middle class suburban kids growing up in 1960's America. The soundtrack is offbeat and the editing is tight. What's up with film editors and the Manson thing anyway? Don't answer. I'm grateful. 

You can watch Harkema's film free of charge (with two commercials) on IMBd TV. Please tell me what you think afterward. Thanks to Jay for suggesting this film for discussion. 

That's prostrate Sadie handing Leslie over to Charlie Jesus in case this is your first day in Manson. Mendocino was also mentioned. It's cool when a writer claims their spot at this gruesome table. Show us what you know.  

A quick pitch...

Let's address the 500 lb. elephant in the room. We all know it's time for a Hawthorne movie or cable series. A solid handful of people reading this post possess the abilities to make it happen. Double digits talent doesn't sound far-fetched. I am filled to the rim with ideas. Maybe we could talk on the phone. 

Max Frost must be given a role. Non negotiable. 

Picture the slow motion shootout. Brass and smoke hang in the air. Cool music with lyrics in not English language blasts and then abruptly cut off as Gypsy falls into a handsome young policeman's arms, whispers, "I'm sorry," and passes out from her fifteen gunshot wounds. Cut to Larry Bailey screaming and squeezing his shattered kneecap between two bloody hands. 

I don't know the actors and actresses anymore so you should pick who you like, but I'm your huckleberry if you need a socially anxious and talkative oddball to lurk in the background and agree with everything you say. From home of course. 

I might get sick if I leave my room. 

Let's get back to Reg Harkema while you chew on the idea. Leslie, My Name is Evil is also titled Manson, My Name is Evil. I'm not sure if the title was changed because of some crossing the border from Canada thing or what but the second title killed the first title's irony. Charlie acts more cartoon crazy than Evil with a big E, and Leslie is portrayed as a victim who mutilated Rosemary. 

Small potatoes. 

Like me, you probably see a Manson movie poster and say something like, "I'm going to be completely disappointed if I don't see any bloody sex ritual boobs." Rest assured, friends. Gory bosoms are included. This time in a dream sequence.

Love of brother. Vietnam. Nixon. The abortion. Harkema points out (something we talk about a lot here) that the Manson murders did not happen in a vacuum. 

A bit of license is taken. Rosemary is wrapped in the Cielo flag. 

The acting works in this film. Gregory Smith is Perry, a young juror who becomes infatuated with Leslie during the People vs Manson et al trial. Perry has a dirty dream about Leslie while sequestered in a hotel room. Kristen Hager plays Leslie. 

Charlie shows up in the dirty dream but Perry avoids Little Paul duties. Manson gives Perry the greenlight, albeit shirtless, and exits the scene. 

Ryan Robbins is Charlie. Robbins looks more like the Scots-Irish and English migratory blob that spawned Charlie than several of the actors who have played Manson over the years. I speak for all genealogy nerds when I say I appreciated Robbins' casting. He's also a more believable Charlie fwiw. 

Anjelica Scannura plays possibly the best Sadie I've seen on this journey. Same for Tiio Horn as Katie. Their scenes jump off the screen. 

Horn as Katie says she's from a Los Angeles suburb. Later, she pronounces "again" like a Canadian. I immediately wanted a pea meal bacon sandwich from Paddington's. I miss you, Toronto. 

I don't know how I'd classify this film. Dark camp comedy? I recommend it regardless. Bugs is great. Fitzgerald is hilarious. Perry's girlfriend and father possibly steal the show. 

I liked Leslie, My Name is Evil so much I ordered a copy from Amazon. This one might not be for the cadre dedicated to solving the cases in their own special ways and need everything historically accurate, but the film is a solid watch for everyone familiar with the tropes, facts, and myths surrounding the Manson milieu. 

The portrait of Nixon behind Judge Older's chair is massive. I laughed when Older asks Perry from beneath the watchful eyes of the man responsible for the headline if seeing the newspaper will prejudice his opinion of Charlie. Make sure you watch hang on through the credits to hear Nixon's speech to the youth of America. 

Overall, I got the feeling Reg Harkema looked at the U.S. during those times and used his film to asked a sobering question across time. How did we expect Manson not to happen? 

Bonus materials:

A review I like where the reviewer says all the things I want to say but lack the skills. 


We'll return to our regular scheduled programming Monday. I hope your weekend is swell. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Let's Talk Stimson

My dear neighbor, Tobias, mentioned in another thread that a new episode was posted to George Stimson's Goodbye Helter Skelter Youtube channel. I thought I'd drop a link and see if anyone wants to share their exegesis with me.

Pigpen in a Strange Land

Monday, April 4, 2022

10050 Cielo and the Twin House: Are they related?

There has been much discussion about who designed and built 10050 Cielo, and to a lesser degree, who was the first owner/occupant. The questions then often spill over onto a similar, but smaller, house located at 10048 Cielo, commonly referred to as "the twin house".

Using the  Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety website, it's possible to get some definitive information on the date of the initial application for both houses, which includes a very broad description of the project, its estimated cost, the name of the owner, the architect, the engineering firm, and the general contractor. You can also see what buildings, if any, were on the lot at the time the permit was issued. Using this information you can work up a decent framework, and based on that, do a reasonable job of filling in the blanks and drawing some informed conclusions.

Here's the master application for 10050.

Now it gets a bit odd. Everyone agrees that there's a strong resemblance, stylistically--and it appears structurally and technically, as well--between the two houses. But the first construction, the twin house, lists no architect, while 10050 Cielo does--although it's not the architect to whom it's often attributed, Robert Byrd, but to another well-known So Cal architect, Arthur W. Hawes.

Master application for twin house:

Interestingly, when most of the permits were issued, the owner listed for both properties is the same, M. M. Landon, and his/her address, 9012 Olympic Blvd., is the same as the address for the general contractor, J. F. Wadkins Corp. Since Wadkins' mother-in-law was named Minnie May Landon, this implies that the contracting company had some form of insider interest in the two lots at the time of construction; notation on the application for the twin says that it's the first house in Section 10.

Michele Morgan, the French film star for whom the house was supposedly built, appears as "owner" on only one document, the permit for the swimming pool, which was done by a separate contractor. I think it's reasonable to consider that she may have become interested in the lot, possibly before the twin house was built, and consulted with Hawes, the architect, for a design. She may have then committed to the purchase conditional on construction. Alternatively, the twin was built from the contractor's design (it's a simple house), and Morgan liked something about the twin and commissioned Hawes to design a larger, more fully-featured house up on the view lot, using the style of the twin as an inspiration.

But the sequence may more likely have been as described, below.

Arthur W. Hawes, the architect of record, may have been approached by Wadkins, the builder/developer, to design a house for the 10050 site. This was to have been the showcase and main profit center. This design was unofficially adopted as the basis for the scaled-down version at 10048. There are some sound, though not definitive, reasons for this. The contractor had not apparently built much of anything else, and hence would not have had much design experience to draw upon. By working with an established architect on the main project, 10050, he could then freely "copy" the design and leverage Hawes' experience. (Incidentally, Wadkins died at age 48, two years the after 10050 was built.)

The master application for the twin house pre-dates the master application for 10050 Cielo. All related building applications for the twin also pre-date the corresponding building applications for 10050 Cielo. It's reasonable to assume that the twin house was built first. 

Here follows a timeline of applications:

  • Twin - master app submitted 12/26/40; permit issued 1/2/41
  • Twin - garage; permit issued 1/2/41
  • Twin - tile work; permit issued 4/12/41
  • Twin - BBQ shelter; permit issued 5/2/41

NOTE: Given the above timeline, the twin house was likely completed ~6/1/41.

  • 10050 - master app submitted ~8/29/41; approved 9/2/41; permit issued date illegible (architect Arthur W. Hawes)
  • 10050 - BBQ shelter; permit issued 10/14/41
  • 10050 - swimming pool; permit issued 10/17/41 (Michele Morgan appears as "owner")
    (This is revealing; on the BBQ shelter application, dated 10/14/41, both the residence and the garage are identified as being in existence at the time--and a sketch of the relative location of the house and garage shows the garage as betting attached. )
  • 10050 - garage;  permit issued 12/19/41 (This garage permit notes that it is to detach the garage from the main house.)
  • 10050 - "playhouse" (BBQ shelter?) converted to "guest house";  permit issued 10/23/44 (Dr. & Mrs. Hartley(?) G. Dewey appear as "owner")
  • 10050 - dressing room added; permit issued 10/23/44 (Dr. & Mrs Hartley(?) G. Dewey appear as "owner")

So far as the attribution of Hawes as the listed architect of 10050, there is to my eye, at least, supporting evidence in some of the design features for the McClintock-Swedlow house, built from a Hawes design in 1940, the year before both 10050 Cielo and the twin were built. In particular, the LR has some close similarities in exposed beams, location of the fireplace, type of windows used, and relationship to the entryway.

There is some level of similarity in the use of windows in one of the BRs; it's similar to the 10050 guest BR.

My best guess at this point is that Wadkins was relatively new to residential construction, having worked for the telephone company for a number of years.  Wadkins resumé. He may have ambitiously raised money to purchase at least two lots in a new tract, and foresaw exploiting the better one, 10050, as the main profit opportunity, and engaged Hawes to create a marketable design. Wadkins may then have scaled down the design himself and built the twin--mainly in hopes of selling it first so as to be in a more solid cash position to proceed on 10050. This apparently did not happen, because it looks as if Morgan saw the 10050 lot, or even the early stages of construction, and committed to it in some fashion, ordering a swimming pool, a BBQ shelter, and detaching the garage before she took ownership, or just after, paying $32K for the property.

It was reported in the LA Times of 11/23/1941:

Those wishing to drill deeper into the building/repair history of the two houses can use the LADBS website and request additional documents.