Friday, January 21, 2011

Pat's newest pic

Click on the link for a picture of Pat at yesterdays hearing.
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Big Patty

Let us reflect on Pat's life and her accomplishments shall we?

Patricia Dianne Krenwinkel was born in CA on December 3, 1947.
She was over weight as a child and introduced herself to amphetamines for weight loss, beginning her drug habits.  Her parents divorced when she was a teen.  Her father stayed in CA while her mother went to live in Alabama.  Pat bounced back and forth from her mother's home to  her father's home and eventually took off to roam around CA when she was 15 years old.  At age 20 she met Charlie and the girls.  She grooved quickly in with the Family and her job with them was Nanny.  But she quickly moved on to murderer.  After the Spahn Ranch raid in October of 1969, her father bailed her out and she returned to Alabama to live with her mother and aunt Garnet Reeves.  Interestingly enough Katie used as one of her aliases the last name Reeves.  Why did all the Family members do that? Use their mother's maiden names and or some type of family related name for their aliases?   She  is currently incaarcerated at the California Institute for Women.

Patricia Krenwinkel's Accomplishments:



Free Hand Painter     


Service Dog Trainer

She also holds a B.A. in Human Services .  This is a picture of one of the "dorm rooms" where she currently resides with the general population.

7 Years denial

Katie was given a seven year denial yesterday.  
That is the longest length of a denial ever handed down to any of the Manson family.

  ~ A few quotes from yesterdays hearing ~

"He sang to me and made love to me.  I left everything and went with him.  He seemed like the answer to my salvation." Katie

"If Patricia Krenwinkel had remorse, I don't see how she could walk into this room."  No punishment could atone for the cold-blooded murders in this case."   Anthony Di Maria Jay Sebring's nephew.  

"If Krenwinkel was remorseful, she would waive her parole hearings and accept punishment."  Patrick Sequeria L.A. Deputy District Attorney.

"People want to forget and forgive and I have not forgiven.  I want them to have full lives in a controlled setting.  I would never trust them in a free society."  Debra Tate

What I would like to know is- where has this Anthony Di Maria been?  I know he has not been attending ALL the hearings since day one.  Maybe he was young at the time of the crimes and all but, I don't ever recall any one ever stepping in for Jay since the start.  I do remember he came around quite recently.  Didn't any one else from Jay's family give a shit before?  I think that is kinda screwed up.  All the previous years and hearings, where was Jay's family?

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