Friday, January 21, 2011

7 Years denial

Katie was given a seven year denial yesterday.  
That is the longest length of a denial ever handed down to any of the Manson family.

  ~ A few quotes from yesterdays hearing ~

"He sang to me and made love to me.  I left everything and went with him.  He seemed like the answer to my salvation." Katie

"If Patricia Krenwinkel had remorse, I don't see how she could walk into this room."  No punishment could atone for the cold-blooded murders in this case."   Anthony Di Maria Jay Sebring's nephew.  

"If Krenwinkel was remorseful, she would waive her parole hearings and accept punishment."  Patrick Sequeria L.A. Deputy District Attorney.

"People want to forget and forgive and I have not forgiven.  I want them to have full lives in a controlled setting.  I would never trust them in a free society."  Debra Tate

What I would like to know is- where has this Anthony Di Maria been?  I know he has not been attending ALL the hearings since day one.  Maybe he was young at the time of the crimes and all but, I don't ever recall any one ever stepping in for Jay since the start.  I do remember he came around quite recently.  Didn't any one else from Jay's family give a shit before?  I think that is kinda screwed up.  All the previous years and hearings, where was Jay's family?

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hippichick40 said...

So she did show up after all. I was rather hoping she'd say something like, "I know you establishment pigs will never let me out, so if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go stick a fork in something now."

I wonder if Debra and the others are disappointed they have to wait another seven years before they can publicly rant at Katie again.

Anonymous said...

It will give her more time to train dogs, firefighters, and butch lovers.

S. Goldberg said...

I don't think she should be released, but if she simply did not show up to these then she would be called cold hearted and whatever else they will throw at her. It's a double-edge sword. As for Debra, well that bitch lives of of her dead sister's blood. Think Oui Magazine would have wanted to see her bush if her sister was not Sharon Tate? Think she did that for free? Nah.
It's funny how Debra said that Charlie was the only one who has written her.

MrPoirot said...

I care not one way or another but I am befuddled why she got a 7 yr denial. She must have had a disciplinary incident to get slapped like that. Something went on we dont know about.

MrPoirot said...

I think California is tired of these parole hearings every 2 yr. This has caused unnecessary mental reminders on the victims relatives and prevented them from moving on with their lives. There were 6 killers getting a hearing every two years so every 3 or 4 months the victim's relatives had to go visit the prisons and remake their case each time one came up. Sheesh!

St. Circumstance said...

Due to people like Doris Tate- they have passed a law recently that allows for longer denials- when it was first passed Bobby was the first one to get a longer denial- but it was challenged- that is why he just had his second in two years..

With the State of California's economy- it is no wonder they are trying to save money- and in this case I think they know they arent getting out anyway,so why bother...