Friday, February 21, 2014

Bugliosi Talk Cancelled

Thanks to blog reader Rosie for alerting us!

Manson Family Knives

I got a new press photo that I'd never seen before!  This apparently ran in newspapers in 1984, the back is stamped "Received Examiner Reference Library Feb 20 1985"  The caption-

"(LA 11-AUG.9) -- Manson Family Knives-- This is a photo of the various knives, and a record album of Charles Manson's songs, that were seized in a 1969 police raid on the Barker Ranch in Death Valley.  The album was sold by Family members, Lynette Fromme and Sandy Good Pugh on the streets of Independence, Calif. while Manson was in the Inyo county Jail.  (AP Laserphoto) (pjh41400mbr) 1984     SLUG: MANSON ANNIVERSARY