Monday, December 27, 2010

Re Cap

So lets go over the holiday activities shall we?   Matt & I threw the best Xmas ever party ever with all our recent  "M" pictures and blog members a plenty here in Connecticut.
It was a small c-word festival as well.  I the American c, was joined by Alice the British c.  She flew over from "across the pond" for the c/Christmas festival.
We we're all shocked when The Col graced us with his presence (he really is NOT Don Murphy) and guess who he had with him?  Nancy Monfort. She said being the holidays and all, she forgives me. 
And Saint-dear Saint-he was in charge of blog moderation during the festival and - he can type like a mofo with his d*ck in his hand.  Tom was there, being ever the gentleman defender he is.  Hippie Chick worked karaoke and we all sang songs from the "Lie" album.  Thelma and Louise graced us with their presences and they actually brought Brad Pitt.  I bet Angie was pissed.

As midnight approached the house phone rang.  It was Charlie.  Apparently he got the new cell phone Candy and Nuts sent him for Xmas.  He asked if  "we had Prince Albert in a can."  Silly old man.  After the clock struck midnight Shawn read passages from Helter Skelter.  Maybe The Bug was right?  Same time and place next Xmas everyone???