Monday, June 3, 2013

Manson LIFE Cover: Mom-Patty finds a classic

Patty thought that Mom Patty must be on to her daughter's two and a half years of blogging: "I found something you might like," she texted. "Some old LIFE magazines from your birth year. And guess who is on the cover of the December 19th issue?" Patty feigned ignorance: "who?" "MANSON!" she texted back in all caps. Patty nearly had a damned heart attack, though she has since come clean to her Mom about, and she kinda likes it. Who'd have thunk?

Anyhow, Patty is really pleased to have her own genuine copy of a classic. There were many pics inside that either she's never seen, or forgot she has seen. She'd like to share some with you right now: click to make them bigger.

The one at right you have seen before, but we have always wondered if it was taken inside the bus? LIFE magazine confirms that yes, it was.

At left and below are some good photos of Sandy with baby Ivan: What the heck has Sandy got on? It looks like an alpaca rug. In the court photo, you can really see baby Ivan's little features. If you have seen photos of him as an adult, you can definitely tell that it's the same person, right?

This one probably takes the cake. The caption reads as follows:

"Police found this mock grave of stones piled near the ranch house in Death Valley, apparently as a grisly family joke. The shoes at the top are empty. How many real graves lie undiscovered in the Family's wake may never be known."