Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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Horse Faced


Only difference is Leslie's teeth are whiter.

Marlin's site

Something I was not aware of.  Marlin Marynick now has a website.

Charlie's art

photo taken from charlesmansonnow.com
Titled-Coy Fish a gift from Charlie to Marlin

Untitled by Charlie
photo taken from pagesofhistory.net (artwork is for sale there)

Spider and Scorpion string art by Charlie
photo taken from etsy.com

Patricia's drawing

Titled-The Tree Has Roots (almost as bad as Leslie's)

pat's artwork taken from  charliemanson.com

Leslie's so called art/scribbles

Best Foot Forward" by Leslie Van Houten

Titled-Best Foot Forward  (I wonder if this was done when she was thinking about the footprints left on the front walk of the Tate/Polanski home?)
Photo taken from photobucket

Titled-Happiness Sketches (looks like a 5 year old did this)
Photo taken from charliemanson.com Mark Turner's site

Susan's artwork

Statue of Liberty

Titled-Statue of Liberty done in colored pencil

Windows 2000 (II)

Titled- Windows 2000 (II)

Sweet Peas

Titled-Sweet Peas

All artwork taken from  susanatkins.org (/im roasting in hell)

Bobby's artwork

Titled-Speed Titled-Global Warning:Twisted Life Titled-Transformania Titled-GreenMan I am not much for artwork but, I think Bobby's is pretty cool. See it all at http://www.beausoleil.net/


Messy PIGs.  I think this is the breezeway at Barker. The Family says the cops left it this way after one of the raids.  hmmm