Thursday, February 11, 2016

PETER FALK at the Trial?

I was recently looking at a biographical video of Doris Day. The subject turned to Terry Melcher, and of course the Manson connection. At 2:46 in the video there is a shot of Melcher entering the courthouse. The figure at the bottom of the screen looking at TM is unmistakably Peter Falk, star of the hit detective series "Columbo".

You might remember this post from 2012. In the featured letter, Manson writes (among other things):
"That ass Peter Falk & guy that played James West, in WILD WILD WEST, propositioned me. James West also came to the car. I don't fuck with closet queens. There is more but I can't spell. Like one night a girl took me to Elvis' pad... with big iron gates & she was begging to suck on my ice cream."

The other person he refers to is Robert Conrad. That very entertaining post is worth another (or a first) read!

Here's a more readable copy of that letter:

The full video: