Monday, November 12, 2012

The "Strip Cult" Rock Musical....

In May of 2008- Director Mike Z brought a show to the Parish Room in Austin Texas. He offered the following description:

For all its flower power sentiments, the psychedelic ’60s had their dark side, just as LSD offers the 50/50 promise of oneness with the universe or a soul-shattering bad trip. Fully embracing the brown acid, rock opera The Strip Cult plants its go-go boots firmly in the era’s seedy side, telling the Manson-inspired story of a wannabe ingĂ©nue corrupted by a drug-crazed serial killer. Ablaze with fuzz-laden grooves and liquid light, The Strip Cult is like a Kenneth Anger film come to life: Lost souls shake, rattle, and roll toward a violent end, exposing the dangerous nihilism behind “free love.” An opening set from Cavedweller causes the kundalini creeps with stark psych-blues, while Hacienda’s layered pop harmonies provide a smooth comedown.

(Cartoon done for the Show- from the Jay French Studio)