Thursday, May 1, 2014

Follow-up to Debra Tate and Don Wilson post

We know most of you are getting bored with this blogs' posts which you feel we present Debra in a negative light but we do want follow up on the last post about Debra.  Since the post ran, Don Wilson's online presence has diminished.  As of this writing he no longer has a Facebook page, a Twitter page, a Pinterest page or a Tumbler page and his LinkedIn page has been revised, too.  Don Wilson is a convicted sex offender, he is posted as such on the State of California Megan's Law website.  His criminal record is available through the LA County Superior Court website.  This is not a case of blog or forum rumors and gossip, it is a fact.

We have an intense dislike for people that harm children physically, sexually or mentally.  We hope that there is a special place in hell for these people.

Debra demonstrated poor judgment by allowing Wilson to speak on her behalf.  She did not exercise due diligence in vetting those that represent her.  If I were a victim's family member I would not want Debra to speak for me. Our opinion is that Debra should back off from calling herself a victims' advocate and focus on keeping the people that were responsible for her sister's murder in prison.  Keep it simple and on point.  Debra has not been an effective victims' advocate, Bruce has been granted parole at his last three hearing in spite of her presence at the last two hearings.

Debra appears to have rectified the situation and has severed any online connection to Don Wilson as far as we can see.  While this should have never happened in the first place we are glad to see that she has the good sense to take action regarding this matter.

The question you can as readers ask yourself as you think about this is, what else was Don Wilson gaining by latching onto what was once a valiant campaign/cause? Was he using it to meet new unsuspecting victims who trust the name Tate and thereby (now) Wilson, to be protected by predators such as himself. Was he ever able to lure an unsuspecting parent to trust him with their child? We'll never know, but I gotta say, I will sleep better knowing that we did whatever we could to expose and shut this guy down and to let him know, we're still watching - so don't fuck up, Don.