Monday, March 14, 2011

Bitches who slay together-dress alike?


Leslie and Pat.

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By Member Request- Let Us All Bash Bill Nelson Shall We?

There is a saying "don't speak ill of the dead". Or what? At this point I don't think my karma can get any worse. Bill Nelson-Manson Family stalker, convicted child molester/sex offender. And my mentor.

I think if he was still alive today, he would crap his pants over my recent stuff. He made a lot of trouble for Tex. Exposing Tex's family for their MediCal fraud. Susan and James didn't speak to kindly of him.
I don't think Patty or Debra Tate cared for him much either. It has been written Colonel Tate didn't like him.

Mrs. Tate liked him- at first. Bruce, Leslie,
Bobby and Katie lived in fear of him.

In typical Nelson fashion, he made more enemies than friends. I never got to speak with him before he passed. So by request-the Bash Bill Nelson post. Feel free to comment and tell us your own stories. (ahem Beauders)

My favorite Bill story is- He was telling his tale in typical Bill Nelson fashion, no names but enough clues to figure out who he was talking about. He mentioned meeting with a "famous female", which could only be Dee Dee Lansbury or Deanna Martin (but I could be wrong). He went to "her" house for lunch and to discuss Charlie and The Family. He chit chats with her being ever the perv, asks about Charlie's lovemaking. Then he asks her why she stopped chillin' with the Family. She replied that one night there was a BIG orgy. Everyone was participating, even her. She was digging it until, she saw Charlie touch one of Dennis Rices kids inappropriately. We all know Dennis and his kids came AFTER the murders when Charlie was already in jail.

Photo "lifted" from ColScott :)