Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hendrickson's book~ Still no exact date

The other day I wrote/posted Hendrickson's book was coming out April 20.  A friend from out of the country was asking me how to order Robert's stuff.  I went over to the site and came back and reported here the book would be out April 20.  
I got that info of Hendrickson's website.  One of our members Frank, let me know that date on Robert's site was April 20, 2010.  My bad.  So I took the post down (thanks Frank). Before I realized my error I sent Hendrickson an e-mail telling him I was excited about the April 20th release date.   He wrote me back and asked "Where did you get the April 20th date?"  Like I pulled it out of my ass.  I just e-mailed him back letting him know I found that info on his site.

We ALL know I write errors all the time.  It is part of my charm and over partying in the eighties and a good part of the 90's as well.
I know I am kinda burnt I guess Hendrickson is too.  Frank is not though.  Maybe I can offer Frank a non-paying proof reader job?  And Robert said "It may be released before April 20th."  I am gathering he means 2011.

Hendrickson's site