Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hendrickson's book~ Still no exact date

The other day I wrote/posted Hendrickson's book was coming out April 20.  A friend from out of the country was asking me how to order Robert's stuff.  I went over to the site and came back and reported here the book would be out April 20.  
I got that info of Hendrickson's website.  One of our members Frank, let me know that date on Robert's site was April 20, 2010.  My bad.  So I took the post down (thanks Frank). Before I realized my error I sent Hendrickson an e-mail telling him I was excited about the April 20th release date.   He wrote me back and asked "Where did you get the April 20th date?"  Like I pulled it out of my ass.  I just e-mailed him back letting him know I found that info on his site.

We ALL know I write errors all the time.  It is part of my charm and over partying in the eighties and a good part of the 90's as well.
I know I am kinda burnt I guess Hendrickson is too.  Frank is not though.  Maybe I can offer Frank a non-paying proof reader job?  And Robert said "It may be released before April 20th."  I am gathering he means 2011.

Hendrickson's site



starship said...

No way. The book is not going to be released anytime soon...it takes so long for publishing he would of course know if it was April 20th.

Now, if he is just printing it out over at Staples, well then maybe.

eviliz said...

when i was at e-bay today he was selling his dvd's there and it said
"the new Manson book is at the printer". but who knows?