Monday, October 31, 2011

eviliz rants because she can

It seems the same force that held back the Family from reaching Paul Crocket, Brooks and Watkins is holding me back from the blog. First I had to move to a new lair. It took them two weeks to hook up the internet. Next was my 29th birthday which fell on a Tuesday meaning the partying commenced the Friday before as to get an entire week of celebrating. Then- I had to take care of that "issue" in Libya which turned into us staying a week longer than planned for the festivities. Last Sunday night came freak autumn blizzard "Alfred" complete with thunder and lightning. I do like my snow storms like my men- six to eight inches expected, but we received 18 inches of wet perfect for snowballs snow. Trees and power lines are down. Roads are closed. 98% of CT is still without power. We ran out of gasoline. You have to drive 50 miles if you want gas. All the grocery stores are closed, what few are open have empty shelves.

I am fortunate enough to be in the 2% with power. No heat, just power. Which means, my two couches have friends spending the night on them. My recliner has two small children reclining on it for the evening. My friends daughter is bunking with my daughter. But everyone brought electric space heaters. The freezer is full of friends meat and one box of popsicles that I am slowly emptying. Most of my day was spent shuttling friends in and out to do laundry or shower and charge cell phones. I have closets and a laundry room about the same size as small bedrooms. I also have a dog that will not tolerate any other animals in her house, not even a goldfish. Currently residing in my laundry room are two parakeets which belongs to one of the couch sleepers. In my bedroom closet is a Cockatiel named Elvis. He belongs to a friend of a friends sister and came with more instructions than a new born baby. He arrived with a blanket to cover his cage just a certain way so he can see out. Elvis also came with his own special space heater. How he slipped through I don't even know at this point. I keep getting up every five minutes to make sure the space heater does not catch Elvis' blanket on fire.
And, pacing from the laundry room to my bedroom is my dog, hoping to have fowl for dinner. Sounds like a great nights sleep is in store for me.

We did suffer one fatality. The front bumper of the VW. Last winter I started the tradition of barreling through snow mounds and tearing off the front bumper. I wonder how many times a bumper can be reattached? Oh, and they postponed Halloween. Something about no street lights and downed power lines.

BUT~As always, when Mamma Eviliz is away she brings back a present for everyone. After Libya it was a recent pic of Kitty. Check out what I brought you all back this time in the post

Stephanie Schram

Stunning bride and lovely mother of the bride.
Stephanie Schram at her daughter's wedding this past summer.

Thank you so much to her daughter for sharing this photo of her special day and beautiful mother with us all. Best wishes for a long, healthy marriage full of beautiful babies and lots of love.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kitty Lutesinger

Kitty Lutesinger (2011)

Kitty Lutesinger (1968)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Well Then..........

Something happened to the blog a few days ago, we don't know what exactly but as you can see we are back up and running.

It still needs some minor tweaking.

Whatever it was also caused me * Eviliz* to lose a personal e-mail account
as well as the blogs e-mail account. I no longer have anyone's address either.
Below is the new and only e-mail address for myself plus the blog.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Well, at the moment I have no clue what happened. I was able to restore the blog from a backup I made a month ago. From now on I'll back it up every day. Maybe Blogger can help. We'll see.

Bear with us ... we'll get this fixed.

Some photos aren't showing up. If you see one you want restored let us know the name & date of the post just let us know & we'll get it back up. We could use all of your help.