Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is a scorpion just a scorpion?

Recently, Patty told Brian Davis the story about how she found a scorpion in her house last July 3rd. As she was doing so, she realized that she has never told the story to all of you. Want to hear it? This is absolutely NOT made up.

This past fourth of July, Patty posted on facebook: "Is there any folklore that you are aware of surrounding a scorpion in the house? We had an unexpected and bizarre visitor last night." Her knowledgeable and thoughtful friends had much to offer. One mentioned that symbolically, a scorpion means self-protection, or a need for protection. In Ancient Egyptian legend, a scorpion brings good luck and wealth in the very near future. Native American lore imparts many meanings to the scorpion: it may represent metamorphosis and openness to change. Endurance, tenacity, determination and willpower is another theme that is related to independence, self-possession, fearlessness, forcefulness and intensity. And of course, the scorpion is one of Manson's favored symbols.

He or she was tiny: maybe an inch and a half long. Patty never did get a photo of it because when she went to catch it in a canning jar, she squashed his right pincer. At that point, he was no longer portrait worthy. Patty immediately googled scorpions, and discovered that unless you have a bad allergy, you won't die from a scorpion bite. It will only itch like hell! The sting is far, far worse than a bumblebee, Patty is told.

Around the same time, Patty had been communicating with a friend of Manson's whom she had just been introduced to. Patty wrote to him that "you may be surprised to hear (or maybe you won't be) that Patty had a scorpion in her kitchen last night." Manson's friend replied that no, he was not surprised, because these things often happen in his circle. Furthermore, he stated that back in the day, these types of occurrences would scare the crap out of him. Now, he just sits back and enjoys the wonder and the mystery of it all. He said that among Charlie's friends, they call this kind of ooEEoo "myme."

Last September 28, DebS wrote the following to Patty: "There was a scorpion in my laundry tub this morning! I have no idea how it could have gotten there. The laundry room is on the second floor. There is a door out to the deck as well as one into the house in the room but the screen door is always shut. I've seen only one scorpion in the nine years I've lived here and that was outside, where it belongs!"

Patty has wondered ever since then if the two scorpions found 100 miles and three months apart are related incidents. Neither Patty nor Deb had seen a scorpion in years, and they are both long time California residents. Were they put there on purpose? What do you think?