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In 1969 I was working in Hollywood California and taking care of my four children. That year the Tate-LaBianca murders rocked Los Angeles and the world.  I thought these crimes could set off a revolution in America. I believed nothing short of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, or a revolution (maybe both) were necessary to solve America's problems.  After visiting Charles Manson in jail, my children and I went to live with the 'Manson Family.'  - Dennis Rice

Preaching must come with a good dental plan.

Parts of a interview with Dennis "Fatherman" Rice.
October twenty eight, 2009

Speaking of prison~Over time, Rice said he began to see things differently. Some of his old “family” members had become Christians. His cellmate was a Christian and in all these people, he could see a common thread.“My Jesus was in prison,” he said. “Their Jesus was changing their lives.”

Rice said his children also came to know Christ through him. All four of his children who were with him at the Manson family ranch are now born-again Christians doing work in ministry. He said they told him they knew God was real when they saw God change their father.
“I knew if I wanted to stay free and stay saved, I knew to surround myself with people who wouldn't bring me back to prison. Is there any hope for you?” he asked offenders. “It ain't over till it's over. This isn't about fun and games. This if life and death. It's time to get out and stay out. It's time to do it his way.”

Rice asked if anyone had a parole date or knew they only had a short time left. He told them he was on his way out too, if his doctors were right.  In May Rice said he was diagnosed with liver cancer and his doctor's gave him 6-9 months to live.  At most a year. That's OK, because I know where I'm going. I'm looking forward to it,” he said. “This may be the last time I ever see you unless you make the same decisions I made on the floor of that prison cell on May 14, 1978. We may see each other again, if you make that decision."
Rice said he wants to be remembered as doing something good.  “You have a choice, you can leave behind a legacy,” he said. “It's going to be a blessing or a curse. Years from now, they'll remember you. Which way will it be? This is your opportunity. This is your day.”

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The reason I chose to re-run part of this article is-
The article is dated October twenty eight 2009.  Dennis said that in May of 2009, he was diagnosed with liver cancer and the doctors gave him 6-9 months,a year at most.   He was already five months into his death sentence when this article was printed.  It is now May 2011. Over two years have gone by.  Maybe he is holding on until the bitter end like Sadie did?  I cant seem to find a thing about him past 2009.  Does anybody know if he is still alive? 

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Dennis Rice's Prison Out Reach Website, never updated.  
Soooo- I guess if I was in prison and needed some "out reach",
I would be assed out?       

 If you have never been there before it is worth a look.  There is a section on Catherine Share. 
It tells some of her life story from her first memories hiding from the Nazis in France.  Gypsy says it is all Bobby's fault she met the Family.  She details the trials, her crimes and her life with Curly Como.  What she left out is the story of her poor son Paul/Phoenix who grew up without his mother or father in Christian camps, whatever those are. I think the writings are snippets from the book she has been writing for the past 25+ years.

There is also a section for Tex that takes you right to his website.

The section on Bruce Davis was not working when I was there.
I wonder, since Dennis stuck with religion after prison, would Tex and Bruce (and Sadie if alive) continued the religion thing if they were released?