Monday, January 31, 2011

then and now


Pics from Pat's hearing



Barker Ranch is in the very bottom left hand corner.  The teeny tiny gray spot.

Thanks to PanamintPatty my new BFF for the pic

BARKER RANCH before and sadly, after the fire

 Barker Ranch
Sandy believes the fire was set on purpose.  The last time-  pre fire they we're all up at Barkers, (Sandy, George and Elf) Sandy noticed the guest book and a few other things had gone missing.

Thanks to anoymous

thanks to Panamint Patty.

Thanks to Panamint Patty for these. (2009)

1. toilet and tub

2. old aluminum "ever made" ad turned into a chicken coop.

3.Restroom signs seem strangely out of place.

4. Old piece of broken off Cal-art pottery built right into the north end of the west wall.

BARKER RANCH's new roof before the fire

George, Sandy and  "Elf" ( Cappy's ) son we're in the process of restoring Barkers since the summer before, when the fire wiped it out.  Notice the new roof they had just installed.   

Thanks to anonymous.

                     The creek at Barker Ranch

From anonymous

A.T.W.A ~yeah!!!!!!!

Garbage dump,oh garbage dump..................
This is NOT the dumps located right behind

the ranch (where the H.S. truck is).
It is really close though, and hard to find.

Thanks to The Grump from Pahrump for these.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

   Dayton Knoll to play Dennis Wilson in Manson Girls.  He is best know for his role in"Get Him To The Greek".  Which is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.

The cast of Manson Girls

The cast of Manson Girls with a few Doobie Brothers.

Music on Main Street with the Manson Girls, the Doobie Bros. and Low Anthem

Is that Cameron Manheim in the back on the left?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Venice Beach

The benches on Venice Beach where Charlie most likely picked up a crying, thrown away Lynn. Thanks to Ken for the photo

The Willett House - 720 W. Flora St., Stockton, CA

~Photo courtesy of-The Grump from Pahrump ~ Thank you!!! M Tour 2012

Liz is very busy on her Pity Pot - something to do with the weather up there. Hey Liz, it's gonna be 60 deg. here today.

Anyway, I mentioned to Liz that an 2012 Manson Tour should at least be discussed.

If anyone wants to discuss it seriously enough send your email address to Liz & I'll start a private list serve discussion list to throw some ideas around.

BTW, in case you're wondering, that's John Lennon's crapper.

Friday, January 28, 2011

P Street

1725 P Street Sacramento Ca.  Former home of The Peoples Court of Retribution run by Lynn and Sandy located in the attic apartment.  Thanks to Mr. Parker for this picture from 2010.

The latest from Robert Hendrickson's new M book

I spoke with Robert Hendrickson today and here is some of the information on his upcoming Manson Family book in his exact words-enjoy!

"The book should be going to the printer on Monday.
The Jared Laoughner incident caused them to stop and add some relevant info about him and Manson.  The book title is being kept secret because of sites ripping off our Manson title with cheap self serving DVDs." 

"The book will be available via with a click on-
on our site.  There will also be a Pay Pal click on.  You will be able to buy the book (not cheap) and or the whole Manson collection (book + our DVD's) for a special price.
If you have already purchased our DVDs, upon request and verification, you will get a discount on the book.  Because the book is over 570 pages with over 100 photos intertwined throughout, it can take a month for the printing.  We're sure the truth will be worth the wait.  No more BS, but organic words straight from the mouths of the Family and even the Prosecutor's true thoughts on the Crime/Trial of the Century."

So, i am thinking was Jared Laoughner a fan of Charlie?

The book will be pricey like his DVDs, but he is offering a discount to former purchasers of his DVDs. 
I know people over seas could not get the DVDs, wonder if it will be the same with the book?
I am dying to know the title.

check it out at

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Latest From Susana Lo- received tonight

Hi Liz,      

Wanted to fill you in on the latest news since our announcement at Sundance. Google search now lists 163 news articles written about Manson Girls, starting with the Associated Press to NPR writing about us. Not bad for a film that hasn't been shot. I've included the link to some of the cast photos from AP Wire at Sundance:

The first interview is up with Me and Tania Raymonde:

AP will have the performance at Fender released to me by today so I'll send it on over to everyone.

The Entertainment Tonight interview should be airing soon once they get the concert footage.

We'll have a lot of this up on our website, as soon as we get the release from AP and ET for everything.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Next week I plan on posting Barker Ranch photos.  If anyone has any they want to share please e-mail them to us at-

Topanga Beach Now And Then

Topanga beach where the Family suposably did their animal/human sacrafices and ritual dances.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deer Creek Rd

The approximate area the bus got stuck in and Mary got caught breast feeding Pooh Bear in the ditch. As far as we know, photos of this location have never been published any where before. Again thanks Ken.

Monday, January 24, 2011

manson girls movie

Earlier I asked if anyone went over to
I just did.  Though Susanna said it would be up and running by January 24th, it is not.  As far as the streamed interview today
I have not gotten there yet, and probably won't until tomorrow.

I was pretty bummed the website is not up and running yet.  : (



Now and back in the day.
Then~Steven Grogan a.k.a. Clem, Scramblehead, The Idiot.
Recently~Adam Gabriel.  Wonder what name he is using today?

Great Grandma Katie

Better late then never.  Pat's pic from last weeks 7 year denial.

Did anybody watch or listen to the broadcast today that I posted about on Sunday? Some sort of broadcast today about the upcoming Manson girls movie.  I forgot.

Still have pictures trickling in.  Matt is being a very good Administrator.  He is getting them ready for me to post as soon as I send them to him.  If you have sent me photos be patient.  We will try to have them all up by the end of this week.  Right Matt?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bobby's Arrest Area

Approximate area Bobby was found napping on the side of the road in one of Gary's vehicles. Stupid Bobby.  Again thanks to Ken.  He knows I have a thing for Bobby and took this one picture special for me!

705 Bath St.

705 Bath Street in Santa Barbara CA. One of the first residences of Charlie, Mary and Lynette. Again, thanks to Ken. This is the house address printed on Charlie's drivers license from 1969.