Monday, January 24, 2011



Now and back in the day.
Then~Steven Grogan a.k.a. Clem, Scramblehead, The Idiot.
Recently~Adam Gabriel.  Wonder what name he is using today?


Anonymous said...*/

remnants of bret's site

hippichick40 said...

I have no idea what name he's using these days, but just for laffs, I entered "Scramblehead" in an anagram finder, and here are some of the more interesting results:

He crams blade
Bedlam chaser
A Bald Schemer
Harem-led scab
Marbled sac, eh?

Panamint Patty said...

A marbled sac! I'd like to see that.

eviliz said...

ANONYMOUS please re-post the link it got cutoff thanks