Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Ha ha. But we are the idiots!!! Article from

Manson Case File The faked envelope (2007) In 2006 Van Houten received a one year denial, which means that the next year the parole will seriously consider release. This no doubt unnerved some people who would rather see Van Houten remain behind bars. One of the people who came out of the woodworks in a desperate attempt to twart Van Houten's parole chances was a man by the name of James D. Robinson. This character had been haunting Manson Family related forums, blogs and discussion groups for a couple of year already and had quite a reputation online (not a very positive one). Initially he professed his love for Susan Atkins, but after repeatedly being told that Atkins was happily married to James Whitehouse he suddenly got a change of heart: Leslie Van Houten was no doubt the love of his life. People on the internet were already wary of this person but apparently Deputy DA Patrick Sequira of the Los Angeles District Attorney thought there was truth to Robinson's statements about being in love with Van Houten and visiting her at the C.I.W. prison in the summer of 2005. He never backed up his claims with facts or evidence but that didn't seem to bother Mr Sequiera: he had the ammo he needed to shoot Van Houten's parole chance down. And so it happened that during the 2007 parole hearing of Leslie Van Houten an innocent-looking letter becames the subject of a battle between Deputy DA Sequiera and attorney Christie Webb, the latter getting so angry she left the boardroom for a short while. Mr Sequiera compared Mr Robinson to the coke-sniffing ex-con Bill Cywin, Van Houten's ex-husband, and claimed that Van Houten kept on associating herself with bad men. Miss Webb retorted she would like to see evidence of that because Van Houten didn't know that Robinson person and he certainly never visited her in prison. No proof was given and none was needed: the damage had already been done. Van Houten received a two-year denial and it doesn't appears she'll be going anywhere anytime soon. After the hearing there was some buzz on the internet, mostly with James Robinson as the butt of countless jokes because Van Houten didn't acknowledge his relationship with her. Athough anybody who would claim Van Houten was his girlfriend would receive an angry e-mail that he was not her boyfriend although he did propose marriage to her and she said no and he loves her very much and... Well, the rambling went on for another four paragraphs and didn't do anything to clear up the matter. Robinson "retaliated' with angry forum posts about how he was going to sue Christie Webb for lying about his visit (Mr Sequiera comparing him to a drug addicted ex-con isn't so bad apparently) but that lawsuit still has to happen. He realized that people would demand him to prove he was telling the truth. So he started up Photoshop and came up with this beautiful creation: (pic no longer posted)


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