Friday, February 4, 2011

guestroom @ Cielo

I tried to find a picture of the house Abigail and Voytek had been leasing on Woodstock Rd, but was unsuccessful.  Anybody happen to have one?  All I could find was the shot already posted over at Turner's site.  All I can offer you is a picture of the guestroom they were staying in at Cielo Dr.

Jay Sebring's house

9860 Easton Drive in Benedict Canyon.  I heard this house has some spooky history.

This black and white shot sucks but, you can see the detectives in front getting ready to search Jay's home after the murders.

The chalet named "The Milky Way" in Switzerland.
Roman Polanski's hiding spot.  Its right under the rainbow!!

Sharon as a red head


Catching a ride to court
 Recommended by Ken- some good info on Topanga past and present.

Q & A Friday

Questions from the members

Does anyone know what ever became of Sherry Cooper?
Or Madeline Cottage?

And what ever happened to Juanita Wildebushe?  She married Bob Berry one of Paul Crockett's mining friends.  Does anyone know if her real name was Juanita?  Any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated.  

Simi Valley Sherri Cooper     

Madeline Joan Cottage