Monday, February 12, 2024

Bruce Davis Podcasts


Bruce Davis was scheduled for a parole suitability hearing January 18, 2024. That hearing was continued until August 8, 2024. According to news sources the reason for the continuance was because Bruce took part in two podcasts hosted by Keith Rovere of "The Lighter Side of Serial Killers".

Keith Rovere, 51, lives in New Jersey. He has worked for the same wood flooring company for the last 20+ years, he refinishes vintage furniture in his garage, he helps minister in prison and prison aftercare in Camden New Jersey with Seeds of Hope Ministries, he writes music, he writes books and he has the podcast. Busy guy!

If I were Bruce Davis, I would not decide to make my first public appearance, so to speak, on a podcast named "The Lighter Side of Serial Killers". The name seems flippant and does not convey any sympathy towards the victims. Rovere does not offer any context as to why he chose that particular name. There really is no lighter side to being a serial killer, it's a heavy subject and Bruce Davis was not a serial killer per se. Perhaps because Rovere has a background in religious teachings Bruce deemed him acceptable. There are a lot of podcasters out there with better names who Bruce could have spoken to and not raised the hackles of the parole board.

One sentence in the article I read had me scratching my head. 

"I've yet to hear the podcast," Davis told Fox News Digital in an email, before asking about it. "Does it sound as if I'm glorifying Manson or my crimes?"

California does not allow prisoner's to have email accounts or use the internet. That does not mean that prisoners can't figure out others ways to access the internet, usually by means of a smuggled cell phone. 

Either the reporter meant snail mail or they just dropped a dime on Bruce for having a smuggled cell phone.

As far as the podcast interview goes, it was interesting. I've never heard Bruce speak at length. I did notice a few instances in the first podcast of Bruce using buzzwords and phrasing that were very similar to what Manson has said in the past.  Bruce may be stuck in the sixties, which is where Manson was stuck, but I would think that after so many years in prison with a large turnover of fellow prisoners that Bruce would have learned the contemporary equivalent of those words and phrases.

The podcasts most likely haven't done Bruce any favors. It wouldn't be a surprise to learn they earned him an even longer period before he's allowed to have another hearing.

The podcasts can be heard at most of the places where you listen to them. 

Look for Season 1 Episodes 14 and 22.

Here's the link to the podcasts at Spotify